Friends Of Hancock Park School Minutes – October 16, 2014

Hancock Park Elementary School

Friends of Hancock Park School Meeting


October 16, 2014

6:30pm to 7:30pm

1) Welcome: Reyna

2) Girl Scout Troop: Jessie Nagel. There is someone that is interested in starting a Girl Scout troop. If anyone is interested, let Jessie know. She may also consider sending out an email via room parents.

3) Annual Giving Campaign: Jessie Nagel and Paige Schechtman. Total as of today is $254K. There has been a significant trend in the positive direction. A total of 55% of the students (478/859) participated. Jessie is considering doing a survey to find out how to make the annual giving campaign better in the future. Discussion carried with ideas on how to communicate with families how funds are being used.

4) Eblast Protocol: Jessie Nagel. They are getting some information about email blast fatigue. Kineret is the one sending the blasts; email Kineret and Jessie. Include the message and imagery and form. It should be emailed to her one week in advance to the actual date and they will do their best to send out the eblast in a timely fashion.

5) Barnes & Noble Book Fair (December 6th): Reyna. Soo Hong will be coordinator but could not be here today.  Store is open from 9am to 11pm.

     a) Volunteers: need volunteers for gift wrapping; for performances on the stage; face painting; and other areas to help.

     b) Book Fair meeting Wednesday, October 29th 8:15am

6) Holiday Staff and Teacher Breakfast (December 11th): Jessica Dabney. Two teacher appreciation events every year. One in December on one later in the year. We will host breakfast for all teachers and staff at the school. Will need help for picking things up, setting up, and cleaning up. Will start at 7 and should end by 9 am.

7) International Heritage Carnival (October 25th): Jody Colaiaco & Mark Reavis.

    a) Ticket order form distributed to the students.

    b) Need more volunteers.   Please encourage people to help as much as possible. Help starts Friday at 4 pm for set up of booths. And then again 7 am the day of the event, and sticking around to help with clean up.

8) Introduction of new attendees.

9) Director of Sylvan Learning Center presented on their services.