Friends Of Hancock Park School Minutes – January 22, 2015

 Hancock Park School

School Site Council Meeting Minutes

January 22, 2015

Agenda Item Discussion/Notes

(Reyna Hadar)

Reyna welcomed everyone.

·         Reyna mentioned the interest of a parent to have a speaker come talk with parents about children with special needs ; parent was wondered if FOHP would be willing to pay for a speaker. It was recommended that the parent speak with Ms. Parker and if she does need funding resources, to come back to FOHP who then consider the request.

Barnes and Nobles Book Fair

(Reyna Hadar)

Barnes and Noble sales were over $4k, which means FOHP raised $654.02. Considering the amount of effort, it may not be something that FOHP may want to participate in in the future. The FOHP committee can decide next year.
Steve and Kate’s Camp

(Jeanne DiNovis)

Steve and Kate’s camp offers a summer day camp for ages 4-12 years old. A site will be operating out of 3rd Street Elementary this summer. Philosophy is based on freedom of choice, and campers can choose their activities in the afternoon (e.g., coding with app creating, stop motion animation, break-making, style, music, and dance). Enrollment is flexible and all inclusive. 323-472-4752 ext 137;
5th Annual Walk-a-Thon

(Reyna Hadar)

Last fundraiser is the walk-a-thon. Its on February 4th.
Annual Giving Campaign (Silver, Gold, and Platinum Event)

(Jessie Nagel & Paige Schechtman)

Appreciation gathering is Sunday, March 8th. Will be hosted by the Dabneys. The platinum donors will also be getting a breakfast with Mrs. Parker. Details forthcoming.
Morning Curbside Drop Off Help

(Jenna Denning)

Requesting help as the support is waning. It has been very stressful. Also, Jenna will no longer be able to be a curbside monitor. Jenna is willing to organize but can’t monitor so will really need help next year. Recommendation to have another letter sent by Ms. Parker reminding parents how important it is to help.
Update on Carnival

(Reyna Hadar)

Total net was: $10,919.

It was recommended that following a fundraiser event, it would be good to send out an Eblast letting parents know how much was raised and thanking them for volunteering.

Next FOHP Meeting In April