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Friends Of Hancock Park School Minutes – April 15, 2015

Friends of Hancock Park (FOHP)

Meeting Agenda and Notes

April 15, 2015


Agenda Item Discussion/Notes

(Reyna Hadar)

Reyna welcomed everyone.

·      This is the last meeting of the year


Positions to be filled 2015-2016 Reyna distributed a document that outlines the various positions that need to be filled. She plans to seek out volunteers for the various roles and send out an email to the distribution list.
Spring Garden Tour and Talent Show (April 25th) Reyna announced that Jody will be coordinating the talent show. It will also be an opportunity to thank Mark for the Garden.
Annual Giving Campaign 2015-2016

(Jessie Nagel)

Jessie announced that Lora Altounian will be co-chair. Jessie developed a document that outlines the leadership roles and action items that needed to get completed before the end of this year to prepare for next year. Jessie shared some of the leadership roles that need to get filled. Her goal is to get 1-2 volunteers per class to help.
Feedback from 2014-2015 A draft calendar has been developed for next year and will be reviewed and approved at the board meeting.
Next FOHP Meeting Will be scheduled for the next school year