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Friends Of Hancock Park School Minutes – November 3, 2015


November 3, 2015

Welcome: Reyna welcomed everyone to the meeting and shared the good news that the Annual Giving Campaign raised $245,000.00. Everyone is happy with the result, especially given the lower student enrollment at Hancock Park Elementary. Approximately 55% of the families donated. Next year, the hope is that 70% of the families will donate. Thus far, some of the funds have been used for kinder yard improvements, to purchase laptop and desktop computers, provide funding so that all classes have classroom aides, and to provide funds for four more hours of janitorial work.

Thus far, Park La Brea has donated $91,000.00 to Hancock Park Elementary School.   We are hoping to receive all $100,000.00 come January 1, 2016.

Everyone was made aware that the library is open after school until 4:30 and that the librarian provides supervision for students in the 2nd to 5th grade. Sending out an e-blast to make parents aware of this was discussed.

Teacher/Staff Holiday Breakfast: Shula introduced herself and explained that the staff at Hancock Park appreciate the breakfast. Food is provided for 105 people. Peets donates coffee. Gift Cards from Whole Foods are given out as gifts to the staff. Spencer will provide a budget. Room parents will be asked to send out an email to the classroom parents asking for assistance with the breakfast.

Clothes Give Away Drive – Reyna explained the idea of having the families donate clothing that would then be sent to South America through a known charity. One thought was to have the donated clothing brought to the Carnival in the spring. As another option, it was discussed collecting donations for an organization local to the area such as Toys for Tots. This was not fully decided.

Clean-up Beautification – Candace Cole discussed getting the students excited and interested in cleaning up their campus. Candace intends to speak with the janitor and others currently involved in maintaining the campus. Some ideas contemplated were: promoting the golden ticket program, getting trash pickers for the kids to use during recess and lunch, assigning classes to take turns cleaning the campus, and getting more parental involvement.

Kinder Yard Equipment Proposal – Stephanie Richards discussed the use of the remaining kinder yard improvement funds which is $2500.00. Assistant Principal Hollis shared with Stephanie that the teachers wanted more jump ropes, tricycles and hula hoops. There was also discussion about planting Fichus Trees.

Carnival: Victoria introduced herself and explained that this is her first year coordinating the Carnival which is scheduled for April 30, 2015. She has contacted volunteers from prior years and intends to really start coordinating with them and other volunteers after Winter break.

Morning Drop Off: Jenna was not present, and Reyna explained that Jenna was hoping that someone would be interested in taking over the position next year.

The meeting convened at approximately 7:30 p.m.