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Hancock Park School Site Council Meeting Agenda – December 3, 2015

Los Angeles Unified School District, LD-West

Hancock Park School

School Site Council Meeting

Thursday, December 3, 2015

2:45 pm – Room 32


I. Sign-In

II. Open The Meeting             Mark Harelik, Chairperson

  • Approve Minutes from previous SSC meeting to be posted on school website

III. Principal’s Report          Ashley Parker, Principal/Vice-Chairperson

  • Attendance Targets
  • Lockdown Drill

IV. Multiple Assessments   Kathy Wien, UTLA Rep Co-Chair

V. UTLA Update                      Larry Tynan, Teacher/UTLA Rep

VI. Friends of HPS Update FOHPS Officer

VII. Public Comments/ Open Floor Discussion

  • Anyone in attendance at the meeting may bring up topics relevant to our school.
  • The committee has the option to open immediate discussion of the topic(s), place the topic on the agenda for the next meeting, or table the discussion for a later date.
  • Comments by the general public are limited to 2 minutes in presentation, with no time limit placed on discussion, of said issue, by the council. When more time is needed to present an issue before the SSC, the item must be brought up to any member or officer of the SSC to be placed on the agenda for the following SSC meeting.