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Hancock Park School Site Council Minutes – January 21, 2016

Los Angeles Unified School District, Local District-West

Hancock Park School

School Site Council Meeting

Thursday, January 21, 2016

2:45 pm – Room 32


I. Call to Order:

  • The meeting was called to order at 2:55pm by Principal/Vice-Chairperson Ashley Parker.

II. Attendance:

  • Members Present: Ashley Parker, Karen Hollis, Christine Choi, Beverly Glass, Deborah Glass, Larry Tynan, Laurie Assael, Barbara Gallen, Greg Apo, Ana Fabian, Gloria Shen, Eunho Lee (the “Members”)
  • Guests Present: Reyna Hadar

III. Approval of Minutes

  • Parker asked the Members if there were any changes to be made to the minutes from the Thursday, December 3, 2015 SSC meeting (the “Minutes”). A motion to approve the Minutes was made by Deborah Glass. Beverly Glass seconded, and the Minutes were unanimously approved by the Members.

IV. Friends of HPS Update (Reyna Hadar)

  • Hadar asked that we remind and encourage our students that if they raise $100 for the Walkathon, they will receive a T-shirt. Our goal is to raise more than last year.
  • The Carnival is on April 30, 2016. Will start sending out e-blasts asking for volunteers for the event. Many volunteers will be needed.
  • Parent volunteers: We are low on parent volunteers. There are many graduating parents who are heavily involved. We need parents new to Hancock Park and previously non-volunteering parents to volunteer. Ms. Hadar requested the help of teachers in getting the word out to the parents. There will be many positions that need to be filled for the next school year.
  • Books for grade levels K-3 have been ordered. Still need book lists from 4th and 5th These new books will be housed in the library after the books are labeled as school property, so that they will be accessible to students in all grades.
  • Parker thanked Friends of HPS for being an active community partner and supporting the school on applying for a technology grant. Over 350 applications have been submitted to the district, and we are waiting with hopes of getting the grant.
  • D. Glass thanked Friends of HPS for making little pink laptops available for the classes. She shared that she uses them everyday, especially with her English language learners.
  • Barbara Gallen reminded us about the town hall meeting on Monday, January 25, 2016, at 6:30pm at Hancock Park Elementary School auditorium, and distributed the fliers that she made with Ms. Kathy Wein and Ms. Assael regarding the DIBELS talking points.
  • Ana Fabian shared that parents want to get involve but do not necessarily know what needs to be done. Ms. Hadar responded that in the spring time she will generate a list of jobs with detailed descriptions of the roles for the parents with her email available. Mrs. Parker suggested Ms. Hadar could make her email available online as well.
  • Fabian thanked the teachers for the last winter program. She and many Latino parents enjoyed the shows and felt appreciated.

V. Principal’s Report

  • After School Campus Security Discussion:
    • Final decisions are still pending regarding security during after school hours.   Many suggested locking the gate to secure the campus, but Mrs. Parker informed that we cannot lock the gate after school because the campus after school is considered an open public/community resource. During after school hours, Mrs. Parker does not have the authority to restrict someone’s access to school grounds unless that person gives a cause to restrict access. During instructional hours, the school is a locked campus with one buzzing gate, and all visitors need permission of the principal to enter the campus.
    • Parker found out that the Beyond the Bell coaches’ job description is student-focused and does not include being campus security aids or monitoring the gate.
    • Parker opened the floor for discussion on the matter.
    • D. Glass suggested hiring a security guard who can walk around campus and act as a deterrent.
    • A question was asked: Who is responsible for the safety of the students who attend after school programs? Mrs. Parker answered that each after school program is responsible for the safety and security of the respective students that attend its program.
    • Students are allowed to leave the after school program but they may not return.
    • Gallen asked why there are no speed bumps on Colgate Ave. and Ogden Dr.   Mrs. Parker answered that she has personally requested several times for speed bumps on those two streets and was told repeatedly that the streets were shared property with Park La Brea, and Park La Brea does not want speed bumps placed. Ms. Hadar volunteered to talk with Park La Brea about the issue.
    • Hollis indicated that since the campus is open to the community after school, there should be one gate left unlocked. However, the gate on Colgate may not be safe to leave unlocked since students typically wait to be picked up at that gate without any adult supervision. She mentioned the gate on Ogden and the gate near the staff parking lot. Mrs. Parker asked if the members have any preference on which gate should be left opened. The members discussed different reasons for each gate. One suggested putting a bell on the Ogden gate. Another suggested solar operated motion sensor lights for the staff parking lot. This matter will be finalized at the leadership meeting.
    • The after school security discussion will be continued at a later time.
  • TK Program 2016-2017 at Rosewood ES
    • The TK program will continue at Rosewood Elementary School. School Management Services announced that Rosewood Elementary School will officially become a “TK Hub.”
  • “Justifiable Personal Reasons” for Student Absence – No ADA
    • Independent Study is now changed to Administrator Approval of Student Absence.   Aside from normal absences, all absences with “Justifiable Personal Reasons” will need Mrs. Parker’s approval.
    • The teacher will provide work and the student will receive credit but it is still a funding-loss event for the district and therefore for the school.
    • If a student is not physically present at school, we lose funding and our school attendance record will be negatively affected, even if the absence is for “Justifiable Personal Reasons.”
    • It was suggested that at the beginning of a school year, parents should be informed of the loss of funding for the school as a result of absences.
    • We lose $27.90 per day, per child for absences. On average, we lose in funding $29,000 per month due to absences.

VI. UTLA Update (Larry Tynan)

  • Teachers are voting on a raise in monthly dues to UTLA. UTLA was created in 1970. The dues have never been changed. The dues are based on 1.5% of the lowest teacher’s salary on the pay scale. UTLA is asking for it to be based on a midlevel teacher’s salary, a $19 increase. This is a part of UTLA’s newest campaign called BFFF, Build the Future, Fund the Fight.

VII. Public Comments / Open Floor Discussion

  • School Experience Survey
    • Parents will receive information about the School Experience Survey. This survey is very important because it will show how well we provide appropriate programs for the families in our school community. It is available online, and a hardcopy will be provided.
  • Community Emergency Preparedness Fair on March 5, 2016
    • Hancock Park will host a community event sponsored by the First-In Fire Foundation, director Steven Rosenthal.
    • The First-In Fire Foundation, Assemblyman Richard Bloom’s Office, school board member Steve Zimmer, Park La Brea, Friends of HPS, and Whole Foods will attend.
    • We will also have a ribbon cutting ceremony for our farm.
    • The goal is to invite the families of Hancock Park and to inform them about the emergency preparedness that takes place at our school, so that parents feel comfortable knowing that their children are safe.
    • The School Safety Plan will be on our school website so that parents can access it.
  • There were no more questions or comments.

VIII. Adjournment

  • Parker motioned to adjourn the meeting and Ms. Glass seconded at 3:49pm.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Christine Choi, Secretary.