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Friends of Hancock Park School Meeting Minutes – January 21, 2016

Friends of Hancock Park School Meeting

Thursday 21st January 2016


Reyna Hadar
Jenna Denning
Spencer Kayden
Catherine Baek
Jessie Nagel
Lora Altounian
Angela Ridgeon
Victoria Yoon
Shula Van Buren


  1. Family Dinner Night
  2. 5th Grade Culmination
  3. Walkathon
  4. Carnival
  5. Morning Drop Off
  6. FoHPS positions or 2016-2017
  7. AOB

Reyna welcomed all attendees.

  1. The first Family Dinner Night of the year will be at Andres Restaurant on Wednesday 27th Fliers have already gone home in the backpacks. The next planned evening will be at Blaze Pizza, behind the Farmer’s Market on Thursday 17th March 2016.
  2. 5th Grade Culmination this year is been managed by Jessica Dabney. Jenna advised that we start the organizing now. The predicted cost for this will be between $7,000. – $9,000. Activities will include a Dance, Quiz, Field Trip, furniture rental and gift. The suggested donation is $100. per family and in the past this event has received 80% donation participation. Another graduation activity is the Tile Wall, but this year it will be funded by Mid City West.
  3. Everything is on-track for this year’s Walkathon on 10th February 2016. Reyna showed the new t-shirt. This year will be easier for family members out of town, as they can now donate on-line. As usual, Yogurtland will be donating cups, which we will sell at a profit for $3. Spencer suggested that we get in touch with them to propose that we buy another 50-100 extra cups, so we can sell those too. Perhaps Vanilla or Plain flavor. We probably need around 8-10 volunteers to help manage the sale, and it was proposed that we use the cones from the Morning Drop-Off.
  4. The Spring Carnival will be Saturday 30th April and coordinated by Victoria. Jenna cannot do the Cake Walk this year. It was suggested that we need a nurse or freelance medic on-site for the day. Victoria has a contact for this. This year we will be asking each grade to take responsibility for a particular activity, this will increase the community spirit and ensure that parents truly get involved. We should get more volunteers this way, as children will encourage their families to volunteer. Time slot sheets should be drawn up to make sure we are covered for the duration. Victoria will ask Angela for help with Room Parents. If a Talent Show is required, it will be run by either ARC or Got Game. Catherine suggested that to make sure the Korean BBQ is fully staffed, we should put out an e-blast in Korean, asking for volunteers.
  5. Morning Drop Off will no longer be managed by Jenna, who suggested this is a three person task. At the moment, the younger grades have good attendance, but the higher grades are problematic. Reyna is going to speak to Mrs. Parker to propose that this becomes the responsibility of HPS and no longer FoHPS. Perhaps it should be passed to Ms. Hollis, who would then seek help from the TAs and Room Parents.
  6. Board Positions will need to be filled as we lose Jessie and Spencer at the end of this school year. Reyna will continue as President and Lora and Catherine will be joint treasurers. Lora has also agreed to champion the AGC later this year. Spencer will be passing all documentation to Lora. Angela agreed to email Kimberly Diaz-Bragger to see if she would be prepared to take responsibility for the Family Dinner Nights, which should continue as a social event and a thank you to local restaurants and not solely a fund raiser. Shula agreed to respond to all external inquiries received by email.

Other items discussed

DIEBLES testing. There has been a lot of concern about the benefits of this, which currently takes place three times a year. It takes up a lot of the teachers’ and students’ time and is unnecessary. It was proposed this be cut.

Saturday 5th March is the Emergency Awareness Fair at HPS from 10:00 – 2:00pm. There will be food trucks and a ceremonial ribbon will be cut for the HPS School Garden and Farm.

Sunday 6th March will be the Donators’ Party for the Silver/Gold/Butterfly level at Jessica Dabney’s house.

Absenteeism continues to be a problem at HPS and has cost $29,000. Previously. The rate is currently $29.70 per child.

There will be no more TK at HPS.

The Farmer’s Market has donated $15,000 to the library at HPS. This means each grade will receive $2,000 to spend on books. We will need to get shelving from The Container Store or similar to put up in the library, to store the new books.

Signage. Last year, the culmination committee donated the wooden benches around the trees in the playground. This year it was suggested that they donate a new Welcome to Hancock Park School sign just inside the school gate.

Amazon. The on-line ordering from Amazon using the HPS link continues to make money for the school. It was proposed that a fridge magnet be made and distributed as a reminder to parents when ordering.

Website. The HPS website enquiry link should have a special link that states ‘If you have questions you wish to be answered in Korean, please contact Catherine Baek’.

Korean Coffee Catch-up. At the moment, there is no plan to continue the Korean coffee catch up as attendance was low.

Responsibility for the First Day of School, Back to School Night and Morning Drop-Off should be passed back to the school.

The next Beautification Day needs to be set for immediately after the Spring Carnival.

The next School Open House will be in April, in the evening. More details to follow.


Next FoHPS meeting will be on Wednesday 13th April 2016.


Angela Ridgeon

22nd January 2016