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Hancock Park School Site Council Minutes – February 18, 2016

Los Angeles Unified School District, Local District-West

Hancock Park School

School Site Council Meeting

Thursday, February 18, 2016

2:45 pm – Room 32



I. Call to Order:

  • The meeting was called to order at 2:51pm by Secretary Christine Choi.

II. Attendance:

  • Members Present: Ashley Parker, Karen Hollis, Christine Choi, Beverly Glass, Deborah Glass, Larry Tynan, Laurie Assael, Barbara Gallen, Greg Apo, Ana Fabian, Gloria Shen (the “Members”)
  • Guest Present: Reyna Hadar

III. Welcome:

  • Principal/Vice-Chairperson Ashley Parker welcomed everyone and stated that we have a lot of items on our agenda to review and approve today. Mrs. Parker said the budget will be continued to the next meeting and requested that all SSC members join us for the next meeting to review and approve the budget for the upcoming school year.

IV. Approval of Minutes

  • Parker asked the Members if there were any changes to be made to the minutes from the Thursday, January 21, 2015 SSC meeting (the “Minutes”). A motion to approve the Minutes was made by Karen Hollis. Laurie Assael seconded, and the Minutes were unanimously approved by the Members.

V. Friends of HPS Update (Reyna Hadar)

  • The walkathon fundraiser raised $27,000.
  • The final fundraiser for this school year is the Carnival. It will take place on April 30, 2016. Many volunteers are needed.
  • Hadar asked Mrs. Parker about the water fountains. Mrs. Parker answered that the district has a protocol on any new attachments or alterations to the physical plant and that we are still looking into different options. A white tag was placed on every sink but no changes have been made to the existing water fountains.   The tags inform that the faucet portion of the fixture does not need to be flushed and the water fountain portion can be used to drink when flushed.

VI. Principal’s Report

  • Proposed 2016-2017 Budget, 2015-2016 SPSA Update and Revision, ELAC Recommendation Review:
    • Staff and parent surveys for the next school were collected. Although the surveys were not tallied, Mrs. Parker predicted that the top priority items for the next school year will be the same as in previous years (e.g., instructional aids, arts programs and support for the English learner compliance procedures). Hancock Park School is a high functioning, top quality school because of these items that we budget for each year. We hope to budget the same items to maintain the quality of our school for the next school year. We are still waiting for the fund allocation from the district. Based on that information, we will decide on supplemental budget items.
  • Single Plan for Student Achievement (the “SPSA”): The SPSA is a school site plan that shows our instructional priorities within the framework of the eight domains that the district uses to measure achievement and keep the school accountable. Mrs. Parker referred to the back of the agenda for a breakdown of what is included in the SPSA (Attached hereto as Attachment A). She went over the contents of the SPSA. Mrs. Parker completed the required annual review of the SPSA with Duane Dell Amico. We have an advisory committee (ELAC) for our English learners that is linked to targeted student populations, and the ELAC was asked to make a recommendation to the SSC as to how the funds generated by those students should be allocated. The ELAC recommended the SSC to approve the revision of strategies and goals in the SPSA concerning English learner programs for 2016-2017, as well as the SPSA updates regarding funds for English leaner intervention programs (February-March for grades 3-5). These recommendations are available for anyone to review in Mrs. Parker’s office. A motion to approve the SPSA revision was made by Ms. Debbie Glass. Mrs. Hollis seconded, and the revision was unanimously approved by the Members. A motion to approve the SPSA update was made by Ms. D. Glass. Ms. Barbara Gallen seconded, and the update was unanimously approved by the Members.

VII. 2016-2017 English Learner Master Plan Waiver (Karen Hollis)

  • The district’s master plan governs the ELD programs of all schools within the district. One of the components of the master plan is that students are grouped homogenously by ELD levels in the classrooms. Hancock Park does not group students homogeneously by ELD level because we know that our ELD students learn better when they are grouped with English speaking peers. Currently, our school has a waiver which allows us to group our students heterogeneously and only group them homogenously during daily ELD instruction time (45-60mins/day). To support this daily ELD program, we have implemented grade level teaming. Another main reason for this waiver is to maintain our school’s unique diversity in our classrooms.   Normally schools have 1-2 main languages that are spoken by the student body. We have 30 languages. The waiver has to be annually applied. This is our third year applying for this waiver. The data in the SPSA and in the waiver support the effectiveness of the waiver. This waiver does not affect funding. A motion to approve the waiver was made by Mrs. Assael, seconded by Greg Apo and unanimously approved by the Members.

VIII. 2016-2017 School Based Management Waivers

  • We have two school based management waivers. One waives district policy and union contractual agreements and allows us to have a single decision making body at this school rather than several. SSC is the single decision making body that, among other things, makes rules regarding school policies and budgetary decisions. Due to this waiver, SCC is authorized to make alternate scheduling as a school policy. This allows us to schedule Tuesday bank time days (professional development days) from the first Tuesday of the year to the last Tuesday of the school year. We have adjusted bell schedule to capture the minimum number of instructional minutes that are required within the school year. The second waiver allows us the right to have stakeholders’ input on hiring personnel rather than it being the sole decision of the administrator, which is currently the policy of the district and the union. The Members voted, approved and renewed the existing school-based management waivers for the 2016-2017 school year.

IX. UTLA Update (Larry Tynan)

  • UTLA’s BFFF Campaign to raise monthly dues ($19 raise): 82% yes, 18% no.

X. Public Comments / Open Floor Discussion

  • Dibel Waiver: Mrs. Gallen asked about the status of the waiver to Mrs. Parker. Mrs. Parker answered that she called and asked for a reply to the waiver. She finally received a call informing her that the Dibel assessment along with many other assessments are part of the UTLA contractual discussion and therefore the waiver is on hold. This will be revisited in the future.
  • The March 17th meeting may be moved depending on when we get the fund allocations from the district.   Please frequently check your email for a possible new meeting time.

XI. Adjournment

  • Parker adjourned the meeting at 3:55pm.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Christine Choi, Secretary.