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Friends of Hancock Park School Meeting Minutes – April 13, 2016


APRIL 13, 2016

Boosterthon Run Fun Fundraiser:

Reyna Hadar introduced guest Speaker Jordan Kauffman from Boosterthon Fun Run.  Mr. Kauffman shared that his company assists schools in their fund raising efforts and especially assists in targeting donations from non-parent sponsors.  Boosterthon charges $2000 for the base costs and also charges a percentage of the donations which is determined by their involvement in the culminating event which is similar to the Walk a Thon. Boosterthon Fun Run has assisted 1700 schools, 30 in California.  It is a family owned business.  The program focuses on providing a fitness and character building program.  The event(s) occur during non-instructional time.

Mrs. Parker spoke about and shared that this has been a good school year.  Mrs. Parker explained that our school has historically participated in the Jump Rope for Hope and that it is not a LAUSD fund raising event.  There was some talk about spacing out the different fund raising events.

FOHP Board and Positions: Ms. Hadar shared that there are many vacant volunteer positions that need to be filled for the next school year, including for the first day of school.


Ms. Yoon  said that she has obtained the permit for the Carnival.  She needs more volunteers, especially for the cleanup.  She expects to confirm the student volunteers shortly.   Ms. Yoon also needs BBQ captains.   There may be a talent show at the Carnival.  It is being coordinated by Ms. Hollis.

Volunteer Appreciation Day:

May 17, 2016 is the Volunteer Appreciation Day. It is a tea and will start at 1:30.  Room parents are invited.

Teacher Appreciation Week:

The Board discussed assigning each grade a day to bring food for the teachers.