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Hancock Park School Site Council Minutes – March 17, 2016

Los Angeles Unified School District, Local District-West

Hancock Park School

School Site Council Meeting

Thursday, March 17, 2016

2:45 pm – Room 32



I. Call to Order:

  • The meeting was called to order at 2:52pm by Laurie Assael.

II. Attendance:

  • Members Present: Mark Harelik, Ashley Parker, Karen Hollis, Christine Choi, Beverly Glass, Deborah Glass, Larry Tynan, Laurie Assael, Barbara Gallen, Greg Apo, Ana Fabian (the “Members”)
  • Guest Present: Reyna Hadar

III. Approval of Minutes

  • Harelik asked the Members if there were any changes to be made to the minutes from the Thursday, February 18, 2016 SSC meeting. A motion to approve the SSC meeting minutes was made by Larry Tynan. Laurie Assael seconded and the minutes were unanimously approved by the Members.

IV. Principals Report

  • Proposed 2016-2017 Budget
    • Annual budget surveys were collected from staff members and parents. The survey asked to check off top 5 items that they would like to see for the next school year.
  1. Arts programs: visual, theatre, vocal, chorus and dance. (both staff and parents)
  2. Supplemental instructional programs for PE and social studies and science supplemental

materials (both staff and parents)

  1. Instructional Aides (both staff and parents)
  2. Math lab (staff), school nurse (parents)
  3.    field trips, nurse and psychologist (staff voted equally on these 3 items)

orchestra teacher (parents)

  • Parker went over the Hancock Park Elementary School Budget Development 2016-2017 (Attached hereto as Attachment A). General School Fund is used for district funded personnel and resources. Per enrollment forecast of less than 750 students, the General School fund for 2016-2017 covers the cost of one Office Technician position instead of two like this school year. Mrs. Parker feels that one office technician is not enough to support the school community in terms of service to our parents and staff.   She feels strongly that our school needs two technicians and it is a priority to fund the second technician (approx. $60,000), which we did not have to do last year. The reason for the decrease in number of students is due to the relocation of a transitional kindergarten class and a special ed. class. We submitted an application to renew our permit as a School for Advance Studies, and we were selected as an advance studies demonstration site for the next 5 school years. This is a permit program, and we are allowed to accept students on this permit depending on space availability.
  • The general school fund will provide 3 semesters of arts education. The district assigns disciplines and the school provides input on preferences. We can request to continue instrumental music (orchestra), which counts as 2 semesters of our arts allocation. The members discussed pros and cons of the orchestra program at Hancock Park. The orchestra is a pull-out program and students miss in-class instructional time. This has been a big concern for teachers. Deborah Glass shared that it is a big disruption in her class each week, and it has an impact on the implementation of other subjects. Laurie Assael mentioned that since the orchestra is not offered to all students, it’s a low priority for her. Barbara Gallen, a parent, shared that orchestra is a special program in that it is a team program and that only the school can provide. The orchestra program might be one of the programs that we might opt to not fund if there is a fund shortage.
  • The total for 2015-2016 Targeted Student Population (TSP) allocations is $49, 616. The total for 2016-2017 TSP allocations is $53, 628. The increase in the allocations, even though our total student population has decreased, is because we have a larger number of English Learner (EL) students.   The majority of this fund is generated by EL students, and we should keep this in mind when we spend this fund.
  • FOHPS will fund several aides and compliance personnel. They will also maintain 2015-2016 levels of all supplemental programs and resources. A combination of Carryover funds and FOHPS donations will be used to fund ½ of the Assistant Principal position and portions of the office technician, nurse and school psychologist positions. Carryover funds are funds that are in our general school fund that cover substitute days for absent teachers up to 7 days. If these funds are not used, they become Carryover funds. This past year, the district allocated 1 day/wk for a nurse and 1 ½ days for a psychologist. We purchased one full day of nurse and ½ day of psychologist. Currently, the majority of the school psychologist’s time is spent on assessing special ed. students and a very small amount of time is spent servicing students who need counseling. If we did not purchase the additional ½ day of psychologist time, we would be out of compliance. Many teacher members voiced that the psychologist and nurse are more important than field trips. Field trips might be cut down to 1 per class if there is a shortage in funds.
  • FOHPS will fund up to 7 (3-hour) supervision aide positions. TSP funds will be used for 6 (3-hour) instructional aide positions. Multicultural Multilingual Education Department (MMED) provides 1 (6-hour) and 1 (3-hour) Korean speaking aides. We are currently looking for a 3-hour Korean speaking aide.
  • Title III funds will be used for teacher tutor x-time for intervention. TSP funds will be used for 6 aide positions and teacher PD x-time.
  • Our school is a Non-Title I School with a low count of English Learners, which qualifies us with low funds, and we are struggling to fund core instructional programs and maintain compliance with district standards. We are grateful for FOHPS. FOHPS allows us to provide an excellent education to our students by funding many of the items mentioned above.
  • Summary of budget proposal:
    • Maintain the services and personnel (including the nurse) that were funded for the year 2015-2016
    • Increase the school psychologist’s time
    • Cut down field trips to 1 per class
    • The orchestra program might be one of the programs that we might opt to not fund if there is a fund shortage.
  • A motion to approve the budget proposal as mentioned above was made by Laurie Assael. Deborah Glass seconded and it was unanimously approved by the Members.

V. Friends of HPS Update (Reyna Hadar)

  • The FOHPS updates were discussed during the Principal’s report.

VI. UTLA Update (Larry Tynan)

  • UTLA is advocating to put on the November ballot an extension of proposition 30. Prop. 30 increased state income tax for those earning $250,000 or more and a $0.25 increase in the sales tax. Prop. 30 helped to stop further layoffs in our district. It also increased funding by $1,000 per pupil. This proposed extension to Prop. 30 does not include the $0.25 increase in the sales tax. They need 92,000 signatures by a certain date to put this on the ballot. Without this expanded Prop. 30, the district will be in a dire situation by 2020.

VII.  Public Comments / Open Floor Discussion

  • Barbara Gallen shared that it costs $14,000 to administer the middle DIBEL test.   During our school’s garden event, Barbara approached Board President Steve Zimmer and shared this information with him. She was told all district tests are being discussed by UTLA with the district. She would like to continue to bring this matter to him.   Barbara asked for the committee’s approval to speak as a SSC representative and try to make the Colgate Street safer.

VIII. Adjournment

  • Harelik adjourned the meeting at 4:35pm.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Christine Choi, Secretary.