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Hancock Park School Site Council Minutes – May 19, 2016

Los Angeles Unified School District, Local District-West
Hancock Park School
School Site Council Meeting
Thursday, May 19, 2016
2:45 pm – Room 32


I. Call to Order:

The meeting was called to order at 3:02pm by Mark Harelik.

II. Attendance:

-Members Present: Mark Harelik, Ashley Parker, Christine Choi, Beverly Glass, Deborah Glass, Larry Tynan, Laurie Assael, Greg Apo, Ana Fabian (the “Members”)

Guest Present: Reyna Hadar

III. Approval of Minutes

• Mr. Harelik asked the Members if there were any changes to be made to the minutes from the Thursday, March 17, 2016 SSC meeting. A motion to approve the SSC meeting minutes was made by Laurie Assael. Deborah Glass seconded and the minutes were unanimously approved by the Members.

IV. Friends of HPS Update (Reyna Hadar)

• Carnival was a success! We raised approximately $10,000.
• Teachers’ Appreciation went well.
• Parent volunteer tea party was beautiful.
• The year was great! We managed to stay within the budget.
• Thank you to FHPS for partially funding the refreshments for the Teacher Summer Institute (3 days).
• Reyna Hadar will not be here next school year. A new president was approved for next year.

V. Principal’s Report

• Friends of HPS Board Members Information 2016-2017: Mrs. Parker made a motion to approve the board members who were nominated and approved for the positions within the FHPS for the school year 2016-2017. D. Glass seconded and the motion was unanimously approved by the Members.

o President – Angela Ridgeon
o Secretary – Shanon Trygstad
o Treasurer – Lora Altounian
o Vice Presidents – Candace Cole, Jenna Denning, Norma Luna, Stephanie Richards, Shula Van Buren, Victoria Yoon

• LAUSD School Fundraising Activities Policy Review: Mrs. Parker received an audit notification of our school booster club. We were questioned on whether or not the booster club was functioning within the guidelines established for booster clubs. We were told the students should NOT be involved in any fundraising activities, advertising, collection of donations, or selling of items. The fundraising for the next school year will follow the booster club guidelines. Mrs. Parker will meet with the new FHPS members to review the guidelines.

VI. UTLA Update (Larry Tynan)

UTLA is promoting “neighbor schools” to save public schools by having rallies.

VII. Public Comments / Open Floor Discussion

• Barbara Gallen will be working with Mrs. Parker to pursue further improvement of our school’s traffic and pedestrian safety.

VIII. Adjournment

Mr. Harelik adjourned the meeting at 3:52pm.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Christine Choi, Secretary.