Friends of Hancock Park School Minutes – September 8, 2016


Welcome:  Angela, President and Room Parent Coordinator welcomed everyone to the meeting and discussed the goals for Friends of Hancock.  She said that she hoped that more parents would get involved.   Angela introduced the Committee Board Members which are:


President, Room Parent Coordinator and PLB Liaison – Angela Ridgeon

Secretary and Project Leaser of the Annual Giving Campaign – Shanon Trygstad

Treasurer – Lora Altounian (who was not present)

Project Leader Family Dinners – Jenna Denning

Project Leader Walkathon – Norma Luna

Project Leader Teacher Appreciation Week, Native Garden and Yearbook – Stephanie Richards

Project Leader Staff Appreciation, Native Garden and PLB Liaison – Shula Van Buren

Project Leader Spring Carnival – Victoria Yoon


Ms. Hollis spoke about school safety, including the importance of the morning drop off.  Each family is asked to donate 1 day for each student attending Hancock Park.  Each class will be assigned roughly a week of drop off.  It is important that there be at least two, and preferably, three people present during drop off.  Parents are asked that if they see that there are not sufficient volunteers at drop off to think about helping out.


Mrs. Parker briefly welcomed the parents and thanked everyone for their support.  She said that the mission of the Friends of Hancock Park is to support the instructional programs and priorities of the school which include: learning, physical education, arts, safety, etc.


Angela said that ideally each class would have two room parents, but that one was ok.  There are only 3 classes that still need room parents. Angela said that she would be emailing the room parents a manual and that it is the room parents’ role to facilitate communication between the parents and the school.  The manual is intended to assist the room parents in explaining the different volunteer programs, including teacher appreciation day and school beautification day.  Angela asked that the room parents present pick up the class roster and update the Google sheet with the parents’ contact information (which should be obtained from the teacher).   The attendees discussed the importance of the room parents acting as a liaison during the Annual Giving Campaign to help increase family participation.


Annual Giving Campaign: Shanon explained that the Annual Giving Campaign is ongoing and will end October 14, 2016.  The goal is for each family to donate $750 per student because that is what is spent on each student.  The parents of Hancock Park Elementary need to raise a minimum of $250,000 to meet our budget needs during the Annual Giving Campaign.  FOHPS anticipates an additional $100,000 from Park La Brea and approximately $50,000 from the Walkathon and Spring Carnival.    The attendees discussed the need to explain to families why it is important to donate.


Teacher/Staff Holiday Breakfast: Shula introduced herself and explained how much the staff at  Hancock Park appreciate the breakfast.  She said that it is our opportunity to thank the teachers and staff.  This is Shula’s second year doing this and she said that she needs volunteers to assist her.  Shula also thanked Park La Brea for its ongoing support and recent beautification of the school.


Beautification: Shula and Stephanie spoke about school beautification which will be held on October 15, 2016.


Family Dinner Nights: Jenna explained that there would be five Family dinner nights. The first will be at Andres (and two others).  She is still exploring ideas for the other two restaurants.


Walk a Thon: Norma briefly spoke about the Walk a Thon which is held on the 100th day of school.  It is a fund raiser for the kids to raise money for physical education.  Volunteers are needed to help.


Spring Carnival: Victoria introduced herself and explained that this is her second year coordinating the Carnival.  It will be held on May 6, 2017.   She needs a lot of help and intends to call on the people who helped last year.  She is also hoping for new volunteers.  She needs a co-chair and captains. The Carnival is at the end of the school year.


Ralphs/Amazon Rep. – Angela reminded the attendees that Ralphs cards should be registered and that Amazon purchases should be done through the link on the FOHPS webpage.


Yearbook – Stephanie confirmed that she would be in charge of the Yearbook.

Banner Sales – Someone is needed to sell banners.

Korean PTA Chair. – Someone is needed for this position.

Angela reminded the attendees that there were volunteer sign-up sheets and asked that the attendees volunteer.

The meeting ended at approximately 7:45 p.m.