Friends of Hancock Park School Minutes – November 1, 2016

from the 2nd
November 1, 2016

Board members (10)

  • Angela Ridgeon – President
  • Shanon Trygstad – Secretary
  • Lora Altounian – Treasurer
  • Stephanie Richards – Project Leader Teacher Appreciation Week – Apologies
  • Shula Van Buren – Project Leader Teacher & Staff Holiday Breakfast
  • Victoria Yoon – Project Leader Carnival – Apologies
  • Norma Luna – Project Leader Walkathon – Apologies
  • Jenna Denning – Project Leader Family Dinner Nights – Apologies
  • Samantha Olsson Shear – Project Leader Beautification
  • Inese Svikkalne – Project Leader AGC Donation Tree & Donor Parties


Angela Ridgeon, President, welcomed everyone to the meeting and everyone present introduced themselves. Angela Ridgeon also introduced the two new board members: Inese Svikkalne and Samantha Olsson Shear, total 10 members.

The Annual Giving Campaign 2016/17:

Shanon Trygstad, the project leader of the Annual Giving Campaign (AGC) and Secretary of the Board, shared the good news that the AGC 2016/2017 raised $275,302.00 and that just over 60% of the families participated. This is a 10% increase from last year when the AGC 2015/2016 raised $246,475.80 and approx 50% percent of the families participated. We used a more personal approach this year – not too many blanket emails, no hard push at the gates – instead providing coffee and treats to say ‘thank you’ and direct emails and letters to parents.

We hope to raise approximately $26,000.00 from the 2017 Walkathon and $11,000.00 from the Spring Carnival.

Park La Brea: It was confirmed that their donation of $100,000.00 will be made.

School Improvements: Angela Ridgeon talked about the improvements made to the ‘lost and found’ area and that items that are not collected will be donated to
Alexandria House, which benefits families in need. The lunch pavilion now has planters on each corner, the cafeteria patio is a great new space with wheeled planters, new aluminum planters are in the kinder yard, and the Art Patio has a patio area with succulents. The greenhouse has been repaired and relocated behind the main building.

School Beautification: Samantha Olsson Shear is the new project leader for school beautification, and the Beautification Day was very successful – the campus was tidied up, there was new planting and storage sheds were moved. Samantha has set up a ‘volunteer watering schedule for the garden areas’. Here is the link: http://www.signupgenius.com/go/30e0b45aca72aa46-beautification
It was discussed that maybe Coach K and team could help with the watering over the summer. The best times for watering could be immediately after drop off, or after 3:00pm.

AGC Donation Tree and Donor Parties: Inese Svikkalne reported that we may need to order more leaves for the AGC Donation Tree – she is investigating. Inese shared that approx 50 people (adults and children) are attending the Platinum Donor party (donations of $2,000.+) at Marie Callender’s on Saturday 5th of November. Mrs Parker will be giving a speech and reading a story.

The Gilmore Adobe house (behind Umami Burger at The Grove) could be a potential venue for the Platinum ($2,000.), Gold ($1,500.) and Silver ($1,000.) Donors Party in the Spring.

Teacher/Staff Holiday Breakfast: Shula Van Buren introduced herself and said that the staff at Hancock Park staff really appreciate the breakfast. This year it will be Thursday 8th December and food will provided for around all 109 staff members. Peet’s may donate coffee (Stephanie Richards to check). Shula hopes that families will make dishes to bring. Juices and cereal bars are being donated. The event will occur in the library, which will be decorated. Gift Cards from Whole Foods are given out as gifts. Room parents will be asked to send out an email to the classroom parents asking for volunteers to assist with the breakfast.

Walkathon: Norma Luna was not able to attend. Lora Altounian, Treasurer, is going to assist Norma with the Walkathon. Other help will be requested nearer the time. A note will go home in the backpacks before Winter Break and the
sponsor forms and envelopes will be distributed during the first week of school. A suggestion was made to contact DWP for a donation of purified water. We would then ask students to bring their own bottle to the ‘kiosk’.

AOB: Cindy Bitterman, school nurse and her husband, Shem from Mid City West Resident group, presented information about modifying the West 6th Street Safety Plan through a “Road Diet”. They circulated letters that they would need parents to send to City Hall. It was not decided whether this would be supported by the Friends of Hancock Park. Angela will speak to Mrs Parker.

Open Forum: During the open forum ideas were discussed for improvements that should be made on campus. They included: shading for the Art Partio, further shading for the lunch pavilion, shading for the play structure on the main yard, increasing art classes with Ms. Ingrid (maybe a full time position), equipment for the students to use during lunch and recess and a watering system. In addition, the members discussed our goal of funding bus field trips. Shula Van Buren agreed to explore some options for shading and Izzie Pick Ashcroft (new Kinder Mom) said she would be willing to donate her sails.

Banner Sales: Ruben Carreno, Project Leader shared that the banner for Rosalie the Realtor was ready for collection. It was agreed that the banners with the graffiti displayed on the back gate (from the 2015/2016 AGC) should be taken down, and a decision as to whether to get new ones, would be delayed until the end of this school year, or the start of the 2017/2018 school year.

The meeting convened at approximately 7:30 p.m.

Next Meeting will be January 19th 2017.