Friends of Hancock Park School Minutes – January 19th, 2017


Board members (10)

Angela Ridgeon – President

Shanon Trygstad – Secretary

Lora Altounian – Treasurer

Stephanie Richards – Project Leader Teacher Appreciation Week

Victoria Yoon – Project Leader Carnival

Norma Luna – Project Leader Walkathon

Jenna Denning – Project Leader Family Dinner Nights

Samantha Olsson Shear – Project Leader Beautification

Inese Svikkalne – Project Leader AGC Donation Tree & Donor Parties – Apologies

Shula Van Buren – Project Leader Teacher & Staff Holiday Breakfast – Apologies

Ms. Hollis – Assistant Principal


Angela Ridgeon, President, welcomed everyone to the meeting.  Assistant Principal Ms. Hollis was present for the entirety of the meeting, along with all Board members except Shula Van Buren and Inese Svikkalne who could not attend. No other HPS parents attended this meeting.


Norma and Angela provided the Board with an update on the status of the 7th Annual Walk-a-thon.   Angela has approached approximately ten potential community partners about sponsoring the event, in exchange for having their logo on the back of the t-shirt.  Only four: Andres, El Coyote, Got Game and Rosalie the Realtor, agreed to a donation for the Walk-a-thon. We will also include the logos from Whole Foods (donating fruit), Yogurtland (donating frozen yogurt) and the LADWP (donating water).  Ms. Hollis notified the Board that the HPS teachers felt uncomfortable receiving a free Walkathon t-shirt, whereas the instructional aides and support staff are required to purchase them for $10.00.   It was proposed and agreed that since the cost to provide the t-shirts was less than $200.00, and we raised additional money through the sponsorships from our community partners, that the Board show support and respect for these members, and purchase everyone a Walk-a-thon t-shirt. 

Norma is still seeking volunteers for the Walk-a-thon.  Angela Ridgeon and Lora Altounian (Treasurer) and other Board Members are going to assist; however additional help is needed to distribute gifts and t-shirts to classrooms.  Angela is going to contact the LADWP for a donation of purified water and the students will be urged to bring their own water bottles.  We would then ask students to bring their own bottle to the ‘water truck’ (or be provided with a recycled, disposable cup).   It was agreed that we would ask Whole Foods to donate oranges or cuties to the Walk-a-thon.  The Board discussed options of what would be a suitable prize as a ‘give-away’ for the students who raise $1 or more.  It was decided that the students would be given a mustache, which they have enjoyed in the past. 

HPS Parent Center:

Ms. Hollis notified the Board of the FoHPS that Mrs. Parker would like to open a Parent Center at HPS.  At present, there a few options for the Center, including bungalow 32 or 33, but the exact location will be determined after it is decided whether the transitional kindergarten class will be returned to HPS for the 2017/2018 school year.  Décor and furniture will be needed for the room, and donations will be requested via e-blasts and room parent connections.  It will be a designated space for all parents to use whilst on campus, as well as somewhere for SSC and ELAC meetings.  It will have a soft area with sofas and a rug, together with a meeting table with chairs and maybe a computer and a fridge.  Currently Got Game are using these rooms, so we need to make sure someone can manage the area. The Board members expressed their support for the development of a Parent Center.

School Improvements: 

Angela provided an update on her inquiries about improving the grass field.  She proposed adding an Astroturf track around the perimeter of the field, as it is the most used area (Walk-a-thon, Got Game etc.).  She is in the processing of determining whether LAUSD will allow this update to be made, and the cost.  The Board is in favor of the concept.  Angela also confirmed that a parent donated 2 x large, shading sails, which could be installed to provide additional shading for the students between the bungalows.  Lastly, the Board agreed that we would like to purchase a permanent shading structure for the Art Patio, similar to the shading structure used on the Kinder Yard (provided by Shade Structures, an LAUSD provider).  Angela is looking into the cost to see if we have sufficient funds for the purchase.  A meeting with one of LAUSD’s Complex Plant Managers is scheduled to discuss the installation of the Astroturf, the shading sails and shading for the Art Patio.  We also talked about developing the ‘forest’ area near the basketball courts.

Board Members photograph:

We are still looking for a suitable date that is mutually convenient for Dan and the FoHPS board members.

Outside theatrical/lecture type space:

Stephanie proposed setting up the space where the greenhouse used to be – next to the restrooms, near the play structure.  Maybe a raised platform or mini amphitheater?  The estimated cost to make this update is less than $1,000. The Board supported the idea.  Angela will contact Mark Harelik to discuss costs and design for this area (and also the ‘forest’), which could also be used for school ceremonies.

Improvements to the grass field and fences/barrier:

Foot traffic damages the grass field.  The Board discussed various options, including having Shula ask Park La Brea to reseed the grass more often, and putting up removable barriers.

The Board delayed the go ahead on this, until a decision is made regarding the installation of the Astroturf (following a meeting with the CPM) – maybe a circular, four lane running track.  There was also a discussion about removing the baseball backstops and developing the ‘forest’ near the baseball courts.  Angela to contact the turf company – DURATURF.

Family Dinners: 

Currently HPS has five of these per year, and Jenna shared that there are only two more dinners before June 9th. The next one is to be at Andres on Wednesday January 25th, when a very generous 25% of all the proceeds will be donated to the FoHPS – the highest amount offered by any other restaurant.  Andres also currently donates a percentage of all bottle sales throughout the year. Everyone agreed that Andres was a favorite among the HPS families, and that maybe the last dinner, March 16th, should be there as well.   Many graduated families would like to be invited the Family Dinner Nights, and Angela agree to see if we can provide a way for them to sign up for the email blasts – maybe with an alumni page on our website.

Jenna to contact Aron at Andres to ask if he would like to host all five of the Family Dinner Nights for the next school year 2017-18.

Extra Coding Classes:   

A parent has inquired whether the FoHPS can fund Mr. Paul teaching extra coding classes.  However, Mr. Paul is already providing some after school coding enrichment classes for Got Game.  It was agreed that this issue should be forwarded to Mrs. Parker and Ms. Hollis. 

Carnival (May 6th): 

Victoria needs help, especially with the various barbecues.  Last year it was difficult to get student volunteers as most of them have already completed their required donor time for graduation.  We are completely out of raffle prizes, so this year we will start from scratch. The Board discussed asking some alumni students if they would like to participate.

Open House:

This is scheduled for May 9, 2017 – no further details yet.

Book Fair:

This event is presently scheduled for May 15, 2017, but will probably change.  Mrs. Parker to confirm new date.



It was proposed and agreed that all future FoHPS meetings will commence at 6:00pm, instead of 6:30pm.  It was proposed and agreed that Ms. Hollis should be invited to all future FoHPS meetings.

Culmination (June 9th, 2017):

Shanon confirmed she needs volunteer support for this event.  Angela to contact Maggiano’s to request that they provide food for the 5th Grade Culmination Party (they had offered to donate food for the Walk-a-thon, but the board agreed this was not a suitable event).

Annual Room Parents Meeting:

Angela to arrange a room parents meeting after Spring Break, to gather more volunteers for the Carnival, Culmination and FoHPS board positions for 2017-18 school year.

Next FoHPS Meeting:

The fourth and final FoHPS meeting is scheduled for April 20th, 2017 at 6:00pm in the library. Elections will take place at this meeting.

The meeting convened at approximately 7:30 p.m.