Friends of Hancock Park Meeting Minutes – September 12, 2017



ShanonTrygstad– President, Project Leader of the Annual Giving Campaign

Inese Svikkalne – Secretary, Project Leader AGC Donation Tree & Donor Parties 

Lora Altounian- Treasurer

Brian Altounian

Bea Wood–Room Parent Coordinator

Stephanie Richards – Project Leader Teacher Appreciation Week

Victoria Yoon – Project Leader Carnival

Norma Luna – Project Leader Walkathon

Jenna Denning – Project Leader Family Dinner Nights


New Board Members: Jane Asher, Leena Bhakri, Sara Diaz, Jessica Mockler, Wioletta Saleba, Kineret Spector, and Leanne Victorine


Non-Board Member attendees: Ismail Turk, Sanj Hagan, Priya Mirpuri, Felicia Fadlon, Candace Nylz, and Jennifer Hsu.


Principal Ashlee Parker made a brief appearance to thank the board members for all their contributions to making Hancock Park an amazing school and for their efforts in raising money to elevate our students’ learning experience.


  1. Introduction of the Board members and their programs – Shanon.

Shanon welcomed the new Board Members and introduced the existing Board members and the programs that they are in charge of. Then she gave a brief background on the Annual Giving Campaign (AGC) and turned over to the Treasurer for an update on the current numbers. Lora Altounian reported that we have raised 240K so far, but we need 75K more; less than 45% of families have donated. Programs will have to be cut, if we don’t reach our target amount. Members proposed various ideas of what we can do to continue a positive a campaign and raise our participation percentages. Some ideas were repeating the last year’s morning meet and greet at the front gate with coffee and donation forms handy, however, Mrs. Parker indicated she would prefer volunteers to not approach parents directly to solicit donations.

Decision was made to do the final push on September 18th with coffee and pastries and displays of banners reflecting current participation by grade level. Parent volunteers will be available to answer questions regarding AGC. Lora also indicated that she would like to find 3-4 parents to shadow her since she will be leaving the school next year and we will need someone to take over the Treasurer role. The person should have accounting or Quick Books experience.


  1. Project Leader Harvest Carnival– Victoria Yoon


Carnival is scheduled for October 7th. Victoria still has to order the food, booths will need to be set up for the games etc. and we need parent volunteers for the set up the day before and for help with various activities and food stations during the carnival. Ralphs will donate $20; Victoria is waiting to see, if we can get free corn from Trader Joe’s. For the first time, the carnival will be open to public and we need to advertise at local schools and in nearby neighborhoods. We are building a haunted hallway, that Mrs. Cabeen is in charge of. Victoria proposed using decorations that we can sell at the end of the event; she has already purchased fidget spinners for prizes.


  1. Project Leader E-blasts– Kineret Spector.


E-blasts go out to over a 1000 emails. Anybody who has an important message for the school community can contact Kineret. All emails, however, have to be run by Mrs. Parker. Kineret needs at least a one-day notice before she can send out an E-blast. She also puts the message on Facebook. Her goal is to coordinate so that every message gets out automatically on all social media outlets. Twitter would be good for last minute updates; Kineret asked that we consider openinga Twitter account.


  1. Room Parent Coordinator – Bea Wood


Bea let us know that we are still missing RPs for 4 classrooms. She has not heard back from 13 RPs who had committed to taking on this role. She will follow up to make sure that they are still on board, otherwise we will need to seek new RPs.


  1. Project Leader Family Dinners– Jenna Denning


Jenna presented future plans for family dinner nights and provided background on the relationship with Andre’s and its’ long standing support for our school. Andre’s gives us between 20-30% of sales on their dinner nights. Jenna welcomed parent suggestions on what other restaurants we would like to participate, because Andre’s would like us to have less reliance on them. Chipotle was one suggestion. Jenna will shadow Jenna Denning to learn about back to school nights this year. It was suggested that we could do more than one restaurant in the Grove/Farmer’s Market on one night, since it is hard to find a place large enough to accommodate our community. Family friendly and walkable are the criteria we need to meet. The food trucks will no longer be allowed on campus, because they turn parent attention away from the main targeted activities like the Back to School night etc. Attendees shared other money raising ideas such as a movie night and yard sale.


  1. Project Leader School Beautification – Samantha Olsson Shear


In Samantha’s absence, Stephanie presented the native garden and campus greening issues. She provided ideas for clean-up of the perimeter of the school. The farm (the boxes and the fenced-in area for growing vegetables) was incorporated into the curriculum by many teachers, but we need to have a dedicated person to take it under their wing.



  1. Ogden Street Gate

Ideas were presented on what to do to re-open the Ogden St. gate. It was closed due to safety concerns that were discussed during the Back to School night. The main gate is too narrow to accommodate the newly increased traffic and is causing congestion and parent complaints. Shanon will follow up with Mrs. Parker to see if there are any new developments.


The meeting convened at approximately 7:30 p.m