Friends of Hancock Park Meeting Minutes – Third Meeting January 30, 2019



President, Project Leader of the Annual Giving Campaign  – Shanon Trygstad
Co-Vice Presidents – Jane Asher and Leanne Victorine
Secretary  – Inese Svikkalne
Treasurer – Calvin Sevan Mazlumyan

Board Members: Candace Nycz, Danielle Schenker, Edan Goldenberg, Nicole Steuch, Dan Kolodziej, Jeff Werner, Isack Fadlon, Brianna Hill, Stephanie Richards, Shula Van Buren, Bea Wood, Victoria Yoon, Jane Asher, Jessica Mockler, Wioletta Saleba, Kineret Spector, Soni Chawla, Leanne Victorine and Alisa Wiegers, Nicole Lapidus, Kat Kirkwood, Christen Cavaletti, Lora Robbins, Emerald Listermann, Susan Williams and Sreerag.

Budget – Calvin

So far, we have collected $312,792 from our parents. There are fewer declined credit cards than last year. Expenses: the field trip busses cost more now and we need to plan for that for the next year.

The yearbook and 5th grade culmination – Calvin, Shanon and Mrs. Parker

Mrs. Parker advised that all pictures for the yearbook need to be submitted through Ms. Glass. No pictures can come from parent volunteers without teacher approval. Calvin raised a question regarding hosting the graduation party on a weekend at the Park La Brea. Mrs. Parker noted that since it is not a school sponsored event and is coordinated between parents only, she has no objections to an off-campus party.

Update on the Town and Country development – Shanon

There is a small working group with councilman Ryu’s office – evaluation process has started to determine what needs to be included in the EIR. During the fact finding process it was discovered that Park LaBrea doesn’t have an exclusive right to the parking spaces in front of the Park LaBrea property on Colgate street and therefore they will be opened up to the public. This could help parents with parking during drop off and pick up. Regency has expressed that they prefer smaller groups of parents to participate in discussions in town hall meetings. The concessions the builder has made so far are: reflective glass will no longer be used for the outer walls; the height has been reduced down to 8 stories from the previous 20. The developer currently has promised a 10 foot wall during construction, but we would like a much taller, sound-proof barrier. We are proposing that the developer moves the bungalows to create distance from the apartment building.

Beautification, native garden and the farm – Jeff

Jeff provided a detailed description of work completed on 01/26/19. Parent volunteers painted 35 benches, cleaned up garbage and planted about 40 plants. We have received a $1700 donation from Regency, which was used to purchase the following: 14 very large ceramic pots (most of which are colored and glazed and can replace some of the existing plastic pots); 14 very large plants, all LAUSD compliant and low water, to go in the pots; rosemary and geranium plants (about 30 plants total) to put in the wood container boxes around the small cafeteria, all LAUSD compliant; organic soil to fill all the pots; two new 100 foot heavy duty hoses with nozzles (to replace old ones); and shovels for potting plants. It would be helpful to have one more beautification day before the school year ends. Another project that could be undertaken is installation of pink/beige granite that looks like dirt and can be used to keep the water from evaporating around the plants. Four inches of dirt needs to be dug out before we can lay down granite, so this is a time consuming and labor-intensive project. Another project on the agenda is painting the teachers’ lounge. Jeff also proposed painting the classroom doors.

Walk-a-thon – Leanne

In order to simplify the process and reduce the workload for Leanne, Calvin proposed that the bookkeeper take over the task of preparing the list of donations over $100. Every child will get a small prize for participation. We will sell Yougurtland during pick up (from about 2:30 – 3:00). In order to speed up the selling of yogurt it was decided that only three flavors and no toppings will be offered. Since only a few people had used the online donation form, the decision was made to extend the donation window until the end of the walk-a-thon week. We have received $2600 in sponsor donations. Room parents will need to send an email to remind parents to give kids $3.00 cash for yogurt. Total walk-a-thon proceeds for K are $4,496 and $4,429 for 1st grade. Our grand total for the entire school stands at $22,826.80.

Upcoming family dinner night – Jane

The date for the family dinner night was changed to February 13th.

Donor appreciation party in the spring – Inese

The donor appreciation event is designed to honor our top parent contributors in terms of financial and also volunteer work contributions to HPE. Last year’s donor appreciation party was held in our Board member’s Jane Asher’s garden and was a great success. Jane has kindly agreed to host the party again and Inese will compile the list of invitees, send out the invitations and help with all other organizational aspects.

Mrs. Parker requested funds for a wheelbarrow, 8 tables and several pop-up tents. Everyone voted “yes”.

The meeting convened at 7:00pm