Friends of Hancock Park Meeting Minutes First Meeting – September 25, 2018



President, Project Leader of the Annual Giving Campaign  – Shanon Trygstad
Co-Vice Presidents – Jane Asher and Leanne Victorine
Secretary  – Inese Svikkalne
Treasurer – Calvin Sevan Mazlumyan.

Board Members: Candace Nycz, Danielle Schenker, Edan Goldenberg, Nicole Steuch, Dan Kolodziej, Jeff Werner, Isack Fadlon, Brianna Hill, Stephanie Richards, Shula Van Buren, Bea Wood, Victoria Yoon, Jane Asher, Christine Chipres, Jessica Mockler, Wioletta Saleba, Kineret Spector, Soni Chawla, Leanne Victorine and Alisa Wiegers, Nicole Lapidus, Kat Kirkwood, Christen Cavaletti, Lora Robbins, Emerald Listermann, Susan Williams and Sreerag.

AGC, Grants, and Banner sales – Shanon, Calvin and Isack

RPs and Board Member have been following up by sending letters and emails to families. Our
current participation:

  • Kinder – 2nd has 74%
  • 3rd has 55%
  • 4th and 5th has 46%

Ideas to increase participation were discussed.  Families who have not historically donated before have donated this year.  This means our message is positive, inclusive and working.  Overall, approximately 2/3 of the school has donated.  We also have 4 Jaguar ($5000) level donors.

The Carnival – Shanon, Victoria

During the Fall Carnival we were able to raise a net of $10,745 (after all expenses were deducted).  This amount is $1,263 more than last year.

HPE Website – Shanon and Calvin

The website will be fixed by a professional vendor.  Kat Kirkwood has offered to help Kineret with posting to HPE Social Media pages and our school website.

The Art Patio and other Potential Projects – Shanon and Calvin

Family Dinner Night– Jane

Shanon discussed an option of hosting our family dinner nights at the Farmer’s Market.

School Safety – Jane, Isack and Shanon

Update on the Kmart construction- Town and Country Development – Shanon and Jessica

The School Gardens

The two Board Members Jeff and Briana, who are responsible for the beautification, native garden and the farm, were not present; Jeff’s email was read for an update.

Teachers’ Appreciation Breakfast – Shula

Walk-a-thon – Leanne

Leanne is looking for help with the Walk-a-thon since she hasn’t run the event before. Soni and Shula agreed to help. Leanne will reach out to Norma who ran it for several years, but has left the school now, to learn the process and timeline.

Incoming Board Members – Shanon

Potential New Board Members: Kat Kirkwood, Christen Cavaletti and Sreerag were approved and have joined the Board.

The meeting convened at 7:15pm