Friends of Hancock Park Meeting Minutes – Second Meeting Wednesday, November 14, 2018 at 5:30pm

President, Project Leader of the Annual Giving Campaign  – Shanon Trygstad
Co-Vice Presidents – Jane Asher and Leanne Victorine
Secretary  – Inese Svikkalne
Treasurer – Calvin Sevan Mazlumyan.

Board Members: Candace Nycz, Danielle Schenker, Edan Goldenberg, Nicole Steuch, Dan Kolodziej, Jeff Werner, Isack Fadlon, Brianna Hill, Stephanie Richards, Shula Van Buren, Bea Wood, Victoria Yoon, Jane Asher, Jessica Mockler, Wioletta Saleba, Kineret Spector, Soni Chawla, Leanne Victorine and Alisa Wiegers, Nicole Lapidus, Kat Kirkwood, Christen Cavaletti, Lora Robbins, Emerald Listermann, Susan Williams and Sreerag.

AGC, Grants, and Banner sales – Shanon and Calvin

This has been our best year for parent contributions. Park La Brea parent contribution is at 141,065, which is 30K more than last year and will be matched by Park La Brea with further 100K totaling 241,066. Total current proceeds from fundraising are a little over 400K. We believe that the increased participation is due to efforts of RPs and Board Members who have been following up by sending letters and emails to families. Proceeds from the carnival amount to 23K, which is about 3-4K more than last year. All in all we have collected about 80K more than last year. Four classrooms have 100% participation and will receive a pizza party. They will be held on Thursday and Friday, November 15th and November 16th.

Isack is part of a small group of parents that has created a logo with the official school mascot Jaguar. It will be used on various types of merchandise and sales will benefit the school.

HPE Website – Shanon

Emerald will build a separate website for FoHPS. Mrs. Parker is in favor of keeping the official school website separate. The FoHPS website will be fixed by a professional vendor to eliminate the donation link glitches that occurred during the fundraising campaign in the fall.  Kat Kirkwood has offered to help Kineret with posting to HPE social media pages and our school website.

The Art Patio and other Potential Projects – Shanon and Calvin

Shanon and Calvin met with LAUSD reps regarding putting up a 25 foot retractable umbrella in the art patio area. The hurdle is making this space ADA approved. We made around 10K deposit with the district. It is earmarked for the art patio project, but could be used to shade other areas around the campus. Gilmore grant might be another option for extra funds for shading projects.

Family Dinner Night– Jane

The Farmers Market dinner night was fun. Jane will report on the final figures when they become available. We might not have raised as much money as with Andre’s, but it was a welcome change from our typical line-up of dining/shopping options.

School Safety – Jane, Isack and Shanon

Mrs. Parker was present and open to answer any questions on safety. These questions can also be addressed at the School Site Council meeting and all are welcome to attend. We are waiting to hear back on an estimate to put in a security camera. Other inexpensive and easy to implement safety ideas such as door stoppers were discussed. It was determined that the classroom doors currently lock automatically and door stoppers are not necessary.

Update on the Kmart construction- Town and Country Development – Shanon and Jessica

We discussed the creation of a sub-committee to respond to the proposed plans and what other actions we can take to respond to the Town and Country development. Jessica reported that the size of the development is reduced in terms of height, but not in terms of the number of units, which currently stands at 350. There is some conversation about setting the development further back towards the 3rd street, putting a pool bordering the school, and moving the teacher parking lot to where now the basketball courts are. There have been no concrete promises from the builder. There is a meeting scheduled on Monday after the Thanksgiving break. Parents need to write letters and get signatures in the neighborhood and take on more of a leadership role. Sreerag offered to make a detailed drawing that can serve as a visual aid and could be helpful to the parents in understanding the scope and magnitude of the proposed development.

Jessica Mockler, Sreerag and Lora Robbins want to be a part of the action group with development related matters. Second group had been formed previously to meet with the public relations representatives of the builder. Mrs. Hollis was part of this group and following her departure from HPE we need more parents to join this group and attend meetings.

The School Gardens – Jeff and Brianna

Jan 26th is approved as a mid-year clean up and painting day. We need more volunteers for this. Issues regarding lost and found were presented. It is emptied once a month and, because the clothes are often laying on the ground for long periods of time, they are dirty and wet and not suitable for donation unless laundered. Ideas were presented to find a service that can do this for free. Paying someone to launder the clothes before donating them is against the statutes of FoHPS. Another idea was to create a clothing tag with HPE jaguar mascot with a place for student’s name and room number. This would help to identify where the lost clothes need to be returned.

Teachers’ Appreciation Breakfast – Shanon

Shula, who is leading this event, was not present at the meeting. It is scheduled for Friday, December 7th and is looked forward to and cherished by our teachers. All 80 teachers and staff are invited. We will be giving out Chick-Fil-A gift cards to our staff. Brianna offered to take care of coffee. After the Thanksgiving break, Shula will send out an email asking parent volunteers to help with set up, serving, food donations and other tasks.

Walk-a-thon – Leanne

Mrs. Parker approved the save the date flyer; it will go out before the winter break. All voted in favor of supplying the teachers and staff with free T-shirts. An idea was presented to create a link to a special walk-a-thon donation portal that can be accessed through our school website. The proceeds from the walk-a thon will go towards a shade structure. Jane asked the board members to discuss other alternatives to our popsicle parties that are typically awarded to the classroom with most donations. She reasoned that we should discourage using food as reward and keep foods that are high in sugar and artificial food coloring from the classrooms. Board members discussed other alternatives such as frozen banana pops and left it open for further consideration.

The meeting convened at 7:00pm