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FoHPS Board Minutes November 6 2019

FoHPS Board Minutes November 6, 2019


It was great to see such a large turn-out at today’s Board Meeting.  For those of you who could not make it, the following is a brief summary:


  1. Breaking into committees.  Danielle passed out and emailed a committee list yesterday of committees we created.   Ideally, everyone will sign up for one or more committees.  
    • We are going to add a culmination committee so if any of you want to join that one please let us know.   
    • If you have a recommendation of a committee that we should add please let us know. 
  2. Annual Giving Campaign Committee Update
    • This year FoHPS has thus far raised approximately $280,000 and we should receive a $100,000 for the PLB match. FoHPS other fundraisers, banner sales, and grants have historically brought in an additional $35,000.  FoHPS hopes to do even better and raise more.   FoHPS will continue to sell Spirit Wear and we will sell yearbooks in the Spring.
    • FoHPS is going to continue the AGC until Thanksgiving.  We will be emailing and writing letters to families until then.  We have seen a positive response to our efforts. 
    • A list of enrichment offered at HPS based on grade level is posted on the school web page and will be provided to HPS Families.
  3. The Fundraising Committee
    • Taco Night! – Danielle is hosting.  The money raised will be donated to the school.  We are going to try and coordinate other fundraising events; some of them will include children.
    • Nikki is looking into promoting Mable’s Labels.
    • Nikki is going to speak with Ms. Parker re a Holiday Shoppe fundraiser
    • FoHPS has sold some banners.   Isack asked people to give him leads to contact to sell banners to.  We also discussed selling less expensive banners or having a large banner with multiple sponsors.
    • Andrew and Michelle are pursuing grants for our school.  If you have pursued any grants in the past please let Andrew know. 
  4. Community Relations Committee
    • Family Tours – These are quite popular.  More than 20 people signed up for the next tour.  We will try and add more tours.
  5. Beautification Committee
    • Jeff hopes to plan a beautification day in January.
    • We also are going to explore painting the main building and getting some murals painted on our campus.