Friends of Hancock Park School – Meeting Minutes – Friday, April 26th, 2019

Friends of Hancock Park School

Fourth Meeting – Friday, April 26th, 2019 at 8:07am


President  – Shanon Trygstad

Co-Vice Presidents – Jane Asher and Leanne Victorine

Secretary  – Inese Svikkalne

Treasurer Calvin Sevan Mazlumyan.

Board Members: Candace Nycz, Danielle Schenker, Edan Goldenberg, Nicole Steuch, Dan Kolodziej, Jeff Werner, Isack Fadlon, Brianna Hill, Stephanie Richards, Shula Van Buren, Bea Wood, Victoria Yoon, Jane Asher, Jessica Mockler, Kineret Spector, Soni Chawla, Leanne Victorine, Alisa Wiegers, Nicole Lapidus, Kat Kirkwood, Christian Cavaletti, Lora Robbins, Emerald Listermann, Susan Williams and Sreerag. 

  • Budget – Calvin.

67K is the remaining balance for the year.  Park LaBrea match for parent donations will be coming before the end of this school year and Shula is coordinating that.

The school will lose the PHBAO status next year and the district is predicting that our enrollment will go down by 50 students to 680.  This will affect our projections for the receivables from the Annual Giving Campaign.  We might have a split grade classroom and it is estimated that there will be 75 students in 5th grade vs. 91 for the 2018/19 academic year.  We are also losing 2 teachers – Mrs. Wien is retiring and Ms. Lim will transition from teaching K to taking on an a more administrative role and assisting Mrs. Parker.

  • Election of the new officers – all.

All voted “Yes” to elect Inese Svikkalne and Christian Cavaletti as the new Treasurers and Nicole Lapidus as the new Secretary.  All voted in favor of Danielle Schenker sharing the President’s role with Shanon Trygstad.

  • Yearbook – Shanon, Emerald

Shanon worked tirelessly to collect photos from all classrooms and frequently came on campus to take more photos during special events like spirit days.  Emerald put it all together in a yearbook that is beautifully and thoughtfully organized.  Shanon will explore the possibility of gifting the book to those graduating 5th graders who are currently enrolled in the lunch program.  Emerald agreed to take on this project next year as well.

  • Update on the Kmart construction – Shanon

Town and Country has cooled in their willingness to sponsor projects for HPS.  The demolition/construction probably will be delayed because EIR will take longer to complete.

  • Need for a bigger Korean parent community involvement and representation – Shanon

Our school needs more Korean parent support and involvement as Korean students make up more than half of our student population.  There used to be a Korean Board Member who organized coffee get-togethers once a month and it would be beneficial to recruit someone to restart this outreach.  The Korean community families are very responsive when it comes to donating their money, and working in the classroom, but have been less present in volunteering at our other activities.   It might be due to language barrier in some cases, but is also compounded by the fact that parents are not reading the e-blasts.  We need to recruit a parent who can be available to translate all outgoing communications into Korean, not just those pertaining to AGC.  It might be necessary to distribute more information via flyers vs. e-blasts.

  • The Giving Tree – Inese

Since Inese is going to transition into her new role as the Treasurer, she will no longer be responsible for the Giving Tree.  Inese explained that it is not a complicated project, but that it can be time consuming and outlined some aspects that should be streamlined.  For example, the names of the Annual Giving Campaign donor levels should correspond with the colors of the leaves on the Giving Tree so that there is no confusion among parents.  Also, the reports coming from accounting should be arranged in a way that allows the person working on the Giving Tree to easily sort through the hundreds of donor names and link them to the students.  Throughout the year the Treasurer should communicate the names of the donors who pledged to make payments, but have not done so and have their names removed from the Giving Tree.  Danielle Schenker agreed to become the new project lead and Inese will provide her all information necessary to take over this role.

  • 5th grade culmination – Inese, Calvin

All activities are progressing as planned.  The location of the Class of 2019 tile wall has been approved by Mrs. Parker and will be on the wall next to the entrance to the outdoor art patio, near the auditorium.  The off-campus party will be held at the Park LaBrea activity center on Saturday, June 1st and the culmination ceremony will take place on June 7th at 8:30 am in the outdoor area by the basketball courts.

  • Creating guidelines for using the HPE mascot for fundraising, culmination etc. – all

A HPS parent had donated his time to create a design for our mascot with the understanding that it will be used as a symbol for our school and in fundraising efforts such as spirit ware etc.  We don’t have specific guidelines for using the mascot and there have been questions who and under what circumstances can be given access to the mascot logo.  It has been agreed that we want to limit the usage so that our design is not overused and overshared and stays exclusive and special, but to allow to use it for fundraising, in the yearbook, on culmination programs and in 5th grade culmination shirt design with the understanding that all cases are approved by the Board first.  All agreed that we will need to draft specific written guidelines next year.

  • Beautification, Native Garden, the Farm and Lost and Found– Jeff

It has been difficult to find watering volunteers and we need to create a new system to assign this duty.  It was proposed to deal with watering duties similar to the morning drop off – i.e. to assign it in two week increments to each class across all grade levels.  The room parent coordinator can send an email to all RPs, who in turn can forward the information to all their classroom parents with the days that have been assigned to them and the instructions complete with watering maps that Jeff created.  We can have this information translated into Korean.  We can do this as soon as the rosters become available.  Samantha Olsen, who helped in the past, is returning next year with a kindergarten student.  She might take the lead with the K classes.  Mrs. Parker has approved this concept pending finalizing the details at the start of the school year.

Shula will take over the Lost and Found project next year.

  • Donor appreciation party on Sunday, April 28th – Inese

The donor appreciation event will be held this weekend and a little over 30 people including Mrs. Parker are expected to attend.

The meeting convened at 9:30 am.