Meeting Minutes, Friends of Hancock Park January 23 2020

Meeting Minutes, Friends of Hancock Park, 1/23/20, 5:30 pm

Action:  Michelle Jones approved as new VP

Committee updates:

Event Committees:

  1. Carnival – no updates
  2. Yearbook
    1. agree to sell only hardcover this year
    2. agree to the price point of $40
    3. Shanon presented proposed event pages
    4. Individual class photos to be coordinated with teachers
  3. International Festival – will not hold
  4. Walk-a-Thon
    1. The goal is to raise $20,000
    2. Weblink now functional
    3. Need coverage for yogurt sales

Annual Giving Campaign:

  1. School is at lower enrollment and higher turnover (670 kids)
  2. Budget extremely tight
  3. Need to consider eliminating some field trips or other enrichment unless funds increase
  4. Michelle will create an annual report in Spring to create transparency for parents in terms of how donations are used
  5. In reviewing participation rates, engagement of room parents is key in driving campaign participation

Fundraising Committee:

  1. Consider casino night in the spring.  Danielle will obtain cost estimates for proposal
  2. Consider silent auction next year
  3. Family dinner nights being held 1x per month
  4. Banner sales are lower than expected.  Need to sell 2-3 more banners to meet last years’ equivalent.  Members to send Isack 1×1 contacts to engage
  5. Grants – none obtained.  Michelle to work with Andrew to create list of grants to pursue (or that have been pursued)

Community Relations

  1. Tours are fully booked.  As enrollment is lower, need to consider adding slots to tours, adding tours, adding evening “About HPE” events to engage the community
  2. Kmart Construction update:  no EIR net.  No forward movement.

Room Parent Committee:  No updates

Social Media/Comms/

  1. The website draft has been delivered to the developer.  Now awaiting price quote.
  2. Working toward Facebook donations and Give Butter as a financial payment processor
  3. Working on centralizing all “how-to” documents into one google drive

Swag Committee:  No updates

Beautification Committee:

  1. Beautification Day planned for Saturday 1/25

General updates:

  1. New VP – Michelle Jones
  2. Teacher Appreciation – List of volunteer sign-ups to run for next year (see attached page).
  3. Welcome Back Picnic – Danielle, Michelle, Sean, Soni, Tara, Nicole committee
  4. Coffee Catch Ups – Michelle, Sean, Soni, Candace, Tara, Danielle committee
  5. Book Fair – Nicole and Kat will own
  6. Co-Secretary – still need
  7. Committee lists circulated for approval