• Welcome to new members / welcome back to school/introductions (Shanon)
  • Election results (Shanon)

Shanon, Inese, and Laura introduce themselves as president, treasurer, and secretary.  Anyone who is interested in being a member should contact Shanon and express interest in order to be voted onto the board.

  • Budget, Park LaBrea matching funds from the previous school year, finances (Inese)

Inese explained that this year the budget and school year are unique.  The money will be spent on technology support.  Technology support will be available this year to teachers and to students and families.  Computer lab instruction will also be provided to students.

Ms. Parker wants us to invest in PPE and sanitizing supplies.  She wants $5000 for this purpose.

We don’t know yet what else will be offered with the money raised as we don’t know how much money will be raised.

A survey was sent to teachers and they stated that they think art, movement, and music are important to spend our money on.

We normally allocate $3000 for school supplies, about $100 per classroom.  This year, we may get a list of supplies that are needed to supplement items.  Inese mentioned that families could adopt another family and pay for school supplies.  Shanon suggested sending a poll to parents to see if they prefer to live instruction or recorded lessons.

Mrs. Parker and Ms. Lim are getting proposals from vendors and are vetting them.

People shared opinions about how to allocate funds.

We have approximately $70,000 to spend this year.

Park LaBrea is our biggest contributor.  They normally donate $100,000 in the Spring.  In the Spring, they asked for an extension to make the payment.  They have sought a few extensions and don’t know yet whether they can make their donation.

  • Update and options for the Annual Giving Campaign (Shanon)

Families are asked to contribute $400 this year.

  • Other fundraising possibilities (Shanon)

Shanon asked for fundraising ideas:

Online wine pairing and cheese and a virtual get together (Danielle)

Online auction (Danielle)

Online trivia (Kat)

Make it clear what the money is going to (Sean)

Walkathon or Spring carnival (Shanon) – building community

Chocolate sales (Victoria)

Spirit (school clothes) sales will reopen on Facebook, people will pay for shipping (Shanon/Danielle/ Michelle)

  • What we can/should support with the limited resources available (Shanon)

The topic was discussed.  Some people want to support arts, music, and PE.  Other people want to wait to see if more academic support is needed.  A poll will be sent.

  • Hancock Park school masks (Andrea Kidd)

650 kids are enrolled.  It seems that a lot of kids are coming from private schools but other families are leaving.

  • Room parents (Candace)

Information will be distributed.  They will not raise money this year.

  • Status of the K-Mart Development (Shanon)

Shanon is a member of the working group.  Mr. Ryu is supposed to make a decision within the next few weeks on the development.  The EIR isn’t done yet so Shanon wants it to be continued.  The developers want to schedule some zoom meetings.

A sound wall was constructed and has been completed.

  • Website: (Sean)

Sean made improvements to the website and added some new photos.

  • Banners (Isack)

Isack will be promoting banners.  He suggested putting sponsors on the website.

  • Uplift Melrose: Website and Survey (Isack)

The project is on Melrose.  Bike lanes would be constructed.  More shade.  More lighting.  Isack wants a letter of support.  Shanon said we will create a ballot and vote on it (after there are more members of the board).

Shanon asked who wants to be on the board this year.  Interested people should contact her.

Shanon concludes the meeting.

Meeting concludes at 7:21.