Meeting Minutes September 23, 2020

FRIENDS OF HANCOCK PARK SCHOOL AGENDA FOR MEETING ON SEPTEMBER 23, 2020 at 5:30 p.m. (Meeting concluded at 6:30 p.m.)

  • Spirit Wear (Michelle and Danielle)

Only a few t-shirts have been sold so far.  The link will be distributed again.  The online store is on Facebook.

  • Middle School Night (Shanon)

Shanon wants to know, on behalf of Ms. Parker, if any parents are willing to host a zoom middle school night.  Nobody volunteered.

  • Experiences with remote learning / suggestions for improvement (Shanon)

People discussed parent volunteers to run after school enrichment classes.

  • Budget, Park LaBrea matching funds from previous school year, finances, how funds have been spent this year, technology (Inese)

We have paid $3700 for supplemental online learning programs and various teacher needs.  K and 1 bought starfall.  2 and 3 bought other resources.  Fourth grade got science kits and cars to put together (pinewood derby).  Fifth grade is still deciding how to use their funds.

We had $70,000 left over from last year.

Park LaBrea says it is not in a position to provide matching funds.

We are funding technology, including Mr. Paul.  He is providing full time technology support.  He might provide technology support zoom meetings per grade level or a video on the website.

We spend on our website ($360) and sign up genius.

We want to reserve $5,000 for PPE and sanitizer for in person school if needed.

  • Update on yearbook sales (Inese)

There were extra yearbooks from last year that were donated by fifth grade.  They were sold during the math book pickup last week.  We made $360.

  • Annual giving campaign update and school needs (Inese)

We haven’t tried hard to collect funds from parents.  One can donate on the website.  Thirty families have donated and we have collected approximately $19,000.  Most of these are online donations.  Many families gave more than the ask.

Danielle thinks we can ask parents to donate now but that we should tell people where the money would go.  She has ideas for fundraising.

Andrea suggested asking for small donations of items for each class for what the teacher needs.

Some teachers need books for the class or art supplies.

  • Room parent update (Candace)

Four classes need room parents.  Owen, Cabeen, Chab-Tabe, and Baldonegro.  Will anyone volunteer?  Andrea and Nicole are willing to help.

  • Status of K-Mart Development (Shanon)

We are waiting for the EIR.

There will be a small group of parents to work on this issue.

  • Enrichment

We can’t have zoom enrichment classes that are live unless a teacher is present during school hours.  Thus, any live enrichment that we provide will need to be after school.

  • PE

The school got a grant to get a PE teacher for the next three years.  The teacher is teaching the upper grades and helping train teachers.  Some people miss Got Game PE (and would like it and other after school enrichment).

  • Fundraising

Stephanie suggested a donation drive for school supplies.

Danielle suggested a schoolwide live auction.  She suggested that people can solicit from businesses.