Meeting Minutes November 9 2020


  • Ideas for projects / programs to use funds on (Shanon)

Not discussed.

  • Budget, Park LaBrea matching funds from the previous school year, finances (Inese)—Not much has changed with the financial position.  The initial donations are over.  We have received about $2,000 since the last meeting.  We got $1,000 for a banner.  We might get a few more.  We had $19,000 pledged from 30 families a month ago.  Now, $22,000 has been pledged from 34 families.  There are fees that are ongoing – that along with technology purchases will deplete the funds.

The Magic Show cost about $1,000.  The Halloween activity cost about $100.

  • Update on technology/computer lab (Inese)

See issue below on laptops and equipment

  • 35 laptops and equipment for teachers (Shanon)

Ms. Parker attended the meeting.  She said that there was an urgent need for 10 computers.  She said technology for teachers was the top priority. The district does not fund technology for teachers.  Individual school sites are supposed to do so.  Over the years, the school got a few grants for technology.  The curriculum requires teachers to have more technology but the district doesn’t fund it.  Laptops were last funded in 2006.  Ms. Parker wants this instead of dance or arts or other classes.  Ms. Parker might also ask for money to pay for some PPE if what has been ordered has not yet arrived.  Once there is an exact number, there will be a proposal sent out and there will be a vote on it.

  • Annual giving campaign update (Inese/Shanon)

Inese thinks someone should approach Park LaBrea about donating since they have not funded their normal $100,000 donation.

Shanon is going to organize a smaller group to work on the annual giving campaign.  Danielle suggested writing a letter to raise money for technology.

  • AGC ideas (Danielle)

Danielle is interested in an online auction.  She said that if it will go forward people will need to fundraise from businesses.  A company runs the silent online auction.  She will set up a group of people to work on it.

Isack spoke with Rocco’s.  They can have a fundraiser, a takeout and delivery family night where we get 20 percent of the proceeds.

  • Fundraising idea –virtual popcorn boutique fundraiser (Danielle and Andrea)

They have a fundraising idea which is a four-day virtual fundraiser.  You buy the popcorn online and it is shipped.  It is from a company and the school gets half of the money.  There is no cost upfront.  Danielle wants to cost gift cards for the top sellers.  They would do it before the holidays.

  • Painting of the school hallways –update (Shanon / Ms. Parker)

The project is on pause.  It has to go through a lot of hoops to go forward because it is so costly.  Ms. Parker thinks it is on hold and there hasn’t been a yes or a no from the district yet.

  • Status of K-Mart Development and EIR  (Isack)

He will speak to the developers on Friday about the technology we urgently need.  Also, councilman Ryu lost the election.  The developers were on track with Mr. Ryu’s office for the development.  They see uncertainty because of the change in elected officials.  The new representative might be less in favor of development.  The developers say that we might get less money now.

Public Comment:

  • Ms. Browne asked for a short message about fundraising that she can circulate.
  • Isack said that the top floor of the Grove is being used for drive-in movies.  He suggested approaching them to have a drive-in movie night, one night for the school, and one night for the community.
  • Teachers need art supplies but they really need technology according to Ms. Parker.  She says we do not need aides for breakout rooms as urgently.
  • Ms. Parker suggested that individual teachers can ask for the supplies they need.  She does not want a school-wide drive for supplies.  Room parents will ask the teachers about it.