Popcorn Fundraiser

The Friends of Hancock Park has set up a Double Good virtual popcorn fundraiser! Every sale will help us reach our goal of putting new computers in our classrooms.  It is 100% contactless, our school keeps 50% of the profit, and the product ships directly to the buyer.  


Each of us will create a Pop-Up Store and virtually sell Double Good gourmet popcorn! The popcorn is award-winning and really delicious!  The perfect gift for the holidays!

Our fundraising window begins on November 23, 2020, at 08:00 AM and goes until November 27, 2020, at 08:00 AM.   You will be able to share your link and sell popcorn when the fundraiser begins.  


STEP 1:  Download the “Double Good” app

STEP 2:  Click “Get Started”

STEP 3:  Click “Next”

STEP 4:  Click “Next”

STEP 5:  Click “Let’s Go”

STEP 6: Enter your mobile number and click “Send Verification Code”

STEP 7:  Enter verification code sent to you by text and click “Continue”

STEP 8:  Enter your email address and click “Continue”

STEP 9:  Confirm your email and click “Continue”

STEP 10:  Enter your first name and click “Continue”

STEP 11:  Enter your last name and click “Continue”

STEP 12:  You should be at your main page where you will see “Enter an Event Code” click on that and enter “BPLIFR”

STEP 12:  Click on “Join Fundraiser Event”

STEP 13:  Click on “Create a Pop-Up Store”

STEP 14:  Click on “ADD PHOTO” to upload a photo of your student.  Change the name to the student’s name.  Select a monetary goal at the bottom of the page by using the “+” and “-“ signs.  Click “Create Pop-Up Store” button when complete.

STEP 15:  You should be on your pop-up store page.  Click on “Why are you raising funds?”  Enter the purpose for the fundraiser.  Suggested language: “Our teachers need new computers to support the technology needed to teach us!  Help us put new computers in each classroom!”  Click “Save” when complete.

STEP 16:  On your student’s photo you will see a button that says “ADD VIDEO” which allows you to take a video of your student. 

NOW YOU ARE READY TO SHARE YOUR LINK.  DO SO BY CLICKING THE BLACK BUTTON that says “Share Pop-Up Store Link”.  This will be enabled when the campaign begins which will be at 8 AM on Monday, November 23.