Meeting Minutes February 9 2021



  • Fund raising /AGC (Shanon)
    • Arts, aides, math enrichment, and PPE are what people want for next year.  Last year, LAUSD provide HPE with funds to purchase four semesters of arts: art, dance, and 2 sessions of orchestra.  Ms. Parker and School Site Council will determine which arts should be purchased for the 2021/2022 school year at its next meeting.
    • Both the teachers and parent community believe it is important to fund instructional and supervision aides.   During Budget Development, Ms. Parker will work with School Site Council to determine how many positions should be funded.  After they make their determination, they will likely ask FoHPS to vote to release funds (before April 1, 2021) to purchase these positions from the District.  
    • Danielle will work on coming up with a virtual walkathon.
  • Financial update, update on where we stand on preparation of all non-profit tax documentation etc., what new donations we have received and how we need to plan for the rest of this school year and the start of 2021/22 school year (Inese)
    • Inese went over the profit and loss statement so far this year.  The largest donations this year were from corporate donations.  It was more than money raised through the annual giving campaign.  In total, we have raised just under $140,000.  Total expenses are approximately $60,000.  Our total net income is just under $80,000.
    • We also have assets of approximately $70,000 in a bank account that was carried over from the prior year.
    • 51 families donated this school year.
    • Of the approximately $150,000 that we have, about $100,000 can go in a check to the District to purchase aide and support personnel positions.  We need to hold the rest back to cover other expenses.
  • Painting of the school hallways –update (Shanon / Michelle)
    • The painting is not going to happen.  The scope of work grew beyond the original plan and the budget was too big and would require more approvals.  It wasn’t possible at this time.
  • Status of K-Mart Development and EIR  (Isack)
    • The draft EIR is coming tomorrow.  Isack hopes to get it and review it in the short term.
    • Isack has requested a meeting with Nithya and her representative.  
    • There is a concern that the demolition won’t be able to happen this summer.
  • Room parent update (Candace)
  • Open enrollment and recruiting for next year (Shanon)
    • LA Unified projected that student enrollment will drop by about 100 students.  Because of this the District wants HPE to reduce our teaching staff by four teaching positions.  It is likely that the positions would be K-3 teachers (since those individuals have less seniority).  Ms. Parker appealed the decision, but the District denied her appeal.  She is trying to save all 4 of the teaching positions by increasing enrollment and is hopeful she can save at least 2.  She will allow open enrollment for the next school year.
    • We will have more school tours, a banner, etc.
    • People would like more communication from the administration.
    • People talked about building community.  They discussed a Shutterfly site to share pictures.
    • Sean, Tara, Soni, Danielle and Shanon and others will work on a yearbook.
  • Public comment 
    • Victoria is running for mid-city west community council.  Isack is running too.  They each gave a pitch for their platform and candidacy.
    • Anyone else who wants to comment
    • Nick Melvoin will attend the next meeting.