#StopAsianHate #BLM

Treating each other with kindness and celebrating our diverse community are core values of the Hancock Park School. The Friends of Hancock Park has chosen in the past to refrain from commenting on events in the broader community of our city and beyond, but we now recognize that remaining silent bolsters the status quo and can magnify the pain and isolation that many of our friends and neighbors are already suffering.

We acknowledge our failure to speak out in support of Black Lives Matter and we raise our voices and stand with every affected member of our community.  All lives cannot matter unless Black lives matter. We see you. We support you. We cherish you.

To the members of our Asian American and Pacific Islander community, please know that we stand in solidarity with you especially in this time of heightened fear, prejudice and violence.  Your dignity is important to us all.  You belong.  And you belong here in our community.

The Friends of Hancock Park stands firmly against all forms of hatred, prejudice and racism, and every member of our community can count on our support in times of trouble and pain. Your voice will be our voice as we move forward together.

#BlackLivesMatter #StopAsianHate