Annual Giving Campaign FAQ

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Check out this overview of the Annual Giving Campaign (PDF)


Why do schools have an Annual Giving Campaign?

A lot of what makes one public school distinguishable from another is the level of parental support and funding they receive to enhance their students’ experience.  Our job is to close the gap between a very basic educational experience (one without additional funding) and the educational experience we want our kids to have (one with funding).  In order to do that, we have to raise funds to supplement our school with the staff, resources, and educational opportunities that are not provided for by LAUSD.

What is our goal?

The goal for the 2021/22 Annual Giving Campaign is $300,000.  The goal for the year including all fundraising is $350,000 and our dream goal is $400,000.  

When is the Annual Giving Campaign?

The annual giving campaign will run from September 20, 2021 to November 19, 2021.

How much do we donate?

The suggested donation is $900 per student HOWEVER our goal is always 100% participation and every donation is extremely appreciated.  If you break down the $900 over the course of the instructional school year it comes out to $81.81/month and $5/day.

How does the FoHPS suggested donation compare to other schools in this area?

$900 is significantly lower than many comparable schools.  

West Hollywood Elementary $1200-$2200 (based on a tiered system with TK/K being the highest)
Overland Elementary  $1500 – $1650 (based on a tiered system with TK/K being the highest)
Mar Vista Elementary  $1500
Westwood Charter Elementary $1225
Third Street Elementary $1000
Hancock Park Elementary  $900
Canfield Elementary  $950
Carthay Elementary  $360
Rosewood Elementary  $350


How do I donate?

Payments can be made in one lump sum or installments.  Payments can be made by check payable to Friends of Hancock Park School (mail to: Hancock Park Elementary School Booster Club, 7610 Beverly Blvd., #480051, Los Angeles, CA 90048).  There are no fees for checks.  A self-addressed stamped envelope will be provided in your AGC packet.  Payments may be made online on Donate – Hancock Park Elementary School (hancockparkschool.com) The donation form will go live on Monday, September 20.


It is important that 100% of your donation goes back to the students.  It is also very important to FoHPS that we celebrate participation at all levels.  If/when we reach our overall AGC fundraising goal of $300,000, we will arrange a (Covid friendly) school wide celebration!!!  Let’s also celebrate along the way!  FoHPS will surprise the school with a celebration at 25% ($75,000), 50% ($150,000) and 75% ($225,000).  In addition, every donor will be recognized on our AGC spirit fence!  The name of every donor will be put on a fence tile and as donations come in, those tiles will build a rainbow.  The goal is to for the rainbow to reach the POT-O-GOAL.

Is my donation tax deductible?

YES! Friends of Hancock Park School is a 501(c)(3) therefore your donation is a charitable contribution.  Our Federal ID number is 95-4112630.  After tax savings, your cost for every dollar donated can be less than a dollar!

How does corporate matching work?

Corporate matching is a great way to double your donation or to ask a company to match donation funds up to a certain amount (i.e., a corporation might agree to match up to $10,000 of AGC donations).  This process usually starts with you, the employer, contacting HR with a request.  A letter you can use for this purpose will be included in your AGC packet.  If this is the first time your company is matching for our school, they may reach out to us for more information which we will HAPPILY provide.  Corporate sponsors will receive banner recognition on the Colgate fence.  List of Companies with Matching Gift Programs (easterseals.com)

What school year are my funds used for?

Both the current instructional school year as well as the following year.  We pay for 2 types of providers – District employees and non-District employees.  District employees are those whose services we must purchase directly from LAUSD (i.e., teachers’ aides).  That purchase is made around March/April of the preceding year for the following year.  Non-District employees are funded during the year in which they provide services.  Instruction from non-District employees can also be added to during the year as funding permits. 

What do things cost?

For privacy reasons, we cannot disclose individual salaries however below are approximate costs for some of the projected expenditures for the 2021/22 instructional year. 


  • Technology needs (equipment and instruction): $100,000
  • Teachers’ Aides:  $100,000
  • PE and yard supervision:  $60,000
  • Dance:  $10,000
  • Art/Music:  $9,000
  • Toshiba Office copier contract, classroom supplies, school beautification:  $15,000

What does my donation pay for and what does my student’s class get?

The 2021/22 school year was different than most as our funding was greatly impacted by Covid.  The chart below shows what is being funded this year as well as what has been funded in previous years where more funding was available.  In addition to this list, FoHPS also funds the other necessities and operational needs such as the office copier, technology for teachers (purchasing updated laptops as needed), IT support (includes assistance with Daily Pass and Schoology) class supplies (hand sanitizer, Clorox wipes, extra masks, soap, etc.), community building/social events, teacher support/appreciation events, and school beautification.


Computer Lab (all grades)
Got Game PE (all grades)
Got Game Supervision (all grades)
Teacher’s Aides (all grades)
Recess Chess (all grades)
Field Trips/Funding Buses (allgrades)
Afterschool Library (all grades)
Visual Art (TK/K, 1st, ) TK/K only
Music (TK/K)
Dance (TK/K, 4th,5th )
Math Games and Problem Solving (TK/K)
Latin Dance (1st, 2nd )
Chess (1st, 2nd
Math Olympics (5th)
Math Enrichment and/or Intervention (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th , 5th )
Smart Arts (2nd)
African Dance (3rd )
Orchestra (3rd, 4th, 5th ) 
Theatre (4th )
Spirit Series (5th)
Chorus (4th )