Class of 2022

Donations for the Class of 2022


Dear 5th Grade Parents:

Our student’s culmination is just around the corner at HPE. Your parent teams and volunteers are working hard to make it a memorable experience for the students and we need to collect donations to fund the projects. 

The suggested donation is $100 per student. If you cannot donate in full, please donate what you can. Donations above $100 are greatly appreciated as well! All donations are directly related to our efforts for the culmination. 

Here is what the funds specifically will be going towards:

(1) culmination chairs, decorations, and other required rentals

(2) a field day event on 5/27 w/ provided lunches

(3) having each student paint a tile that will be placed with their classmates’ tiles on a wall at HPE 

(4) a culmination t-shirt for each student 

(5) supplies to create a memory book (and each student will get a copy of the book as a keepsake)

We need to collect donations to fund these projects ASAP as the parent and volunteer team have already begun placing orders/rentals to meet our quickly approaching deadlines. 

Please submit your donation amount by Monday, May 9th. 

Thank you for your support and congratulations to all of the students!