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#StopAsianHate #BLM

Treating each other with kindness and celebrating our diverse community are core values of the Hancock Park School. The Friends of Hancock Park has chosen in the past to refrain from commenting on events in the broader community of our city and beyond, but we now recognize that remaining silent bolsters the status quo and …


Meeting Minutes 03-22-21

FRIENDS OF HANCOCK PARK SCHOOL MINUTES FOR MEETING ON MARCH 22, 2021 Financial update, what new donations we have received and how we need to plan for the rest of this school year and the start of 2021/22 school year (Inese) With regard to the budget, there have been a trickle of new donations.  A …



Dear 5th Grade Parents: We hope that it will be safe enough for our kids to experience some of this school year and their culmination together at HPE. Even if they are not able to do so, we would like to celebrate their collective culmination by: (1) having each student paint a tile that will …


Meeting Minutes February 9 2021

FRIENDS OF HANCOCK PARK SCHOOL AGENDA FOR MEETING ON FEBRUARY 9, 2021   Fund raising /AGC (Shanon) Arts, aides, math enrichment, and PPE are what people want for next year.  Last year, LAUSD provide HPE with funds to purchase four semesters of arts: art, dance, and 2 sessions of orchestra.  Ms. Parker and School Site …


Meeting Minutes November 9 2020

FRIENDS OF HANCOCK PARK SCHOOL AGENDA FOR MEETING ON NOVEMBER 9, 2020 Ideas for projects / programs to use funds on (Shanon) Not discussed. Budget, Park LaBrea matching funds from the previous school year, finances (Inese)—Not much has changed with the financial position.  The initial donations are over.  We have received about $2,000 since the …


Popcorn Fundraiser

The Friends of Hancock Park has set up a Double Good virtual popcorn fundraiser! Every sale will help us reach our goal of putting new computers in our classrooms.  It is 100% contactless, our school keeps 50% of the profit, and the product ships directly to the buyer.   THE TOP 5 SELLERS WILL WIN A …