Every parent at Hancock Park Elementary School is a member of the Friends of Hancock Park School (FoHPS), but here are some of the many roles being filled by parents to keep FoHPS running smoothly.

President Shanon Trygstad
President Danielle Schenker
Co -Vice-President Jane Asher
Co-Vice-President Leanne Victorine
Secretary Nicole Lapidus
Treasurer Inese Svikkalne
Treasurer Christian Calvaletti

Annual Giving Campaign Shanon Trygstad, Soni Chawla, and Jane Asher.
Fall Festival Victoria Yoon, Shanon Trygstad and Soni Chawla
Walk-a-Thon Soni Chawla, Shula Van Buren, and Jane Asher
Family Dinner Nights Leanne Victorine, Jane Asher, and Edan Goldenberg
School Spirit Wear Daniel Kolodziej, and Isack Fadlon

Coordinate the copying and stuffing of Student Welcome Packages and Forms Danielle Schenker, and Jane Asher
Beautification Jeff Werner
Lost and Found Shula Van Buren and Kat Kirkwood
Native Plant and Farm Project Leaders Jeff Werner
Teacher Supplies & Hospitality Room Candace Nycz
Yearbook Emerald Listerman and Shanon Trygstad
Town and Country Development Shanon Trygstad and Jessica Mockler

Room Parent Coordinator Candace Nyzc
Park La Brea Liaison Shula Van Buren
School Site Council Liaison Alisa Wiegers
e-blasts Kat Kirkwood
Community Liaison/Banner sales Isack Fadlon
Website Liason Nicole Lapidus
The Donation Tree Danielle Schenker

Meet & Greet Project Leader Stephanie Richards
First Day of School Welcome Committee Soni Chawla, Nicole Lapidus, and Shula Van Buren
Teacher’s First Day Back Luncheon Inese Svikkalne
Welcome Back Picnic Shanon Trygstad and Daniel Kolodziej
Holiday Staff Appreciation Breakfast Shula Van Buren
Teacher’s Appreciation Week Stephanie Richards
Donor Appreciation Event Jane Asher and Inese Svikkalne