At Hancock Park Elementary School, we believe in educating the whole child!

The Friends of Hancock Park School (“FoHPS”) was created and supported by dedicated parents who believed that public school education should include more than our district can offer.   Our Annual Giving Campaign is the cornerstone of our annual budget that provides every child at Hancock Park Elementary School  (“HPE”) with an enriched education focused on teaching to the whole child.  By being a Friend of HPE, you are investing in the future of your child, and enriching the hearts and minds of all our students.  Because how our children will attend school this year is ever-evolving, we will continue the Annual Giving Campaign through the school year to respond to the needs of our children, teachers, and staff.   Please be as generous as you can.  Every child matters, every dollar helps.

During this public health crisis, with your help, we can support and enrich the educational, social, and emotional growth of our children.

Back to school looks different this year, so does our Annual Giving Campaign.   Although our children will receive a free basic public education from LAUSD for a few hours a day, with our financial support our children can have: pull-out classes with specialized instructors in: music, art, computer/technology, chess, social science, math, and physical education.  If we raise enough funds, these classes will be offered remotely and continue when our children return to the classroom.   Our financial support can also fund the purchase of online learning platforms for our children, and much-needed technology upgrades to ensure a higher quality of distance instruction and learning.  Importantly, the classrooms will have aides to help with instruction.  The generosity of our HPE families ensures that our children receive private school-like education at a public school and will return to a safer campus.

None of this happens without you – every dollar donated makes a difference!  In order to fund enriched distance learning the suggested donation is $400 per student; however, we understand that during these difficult times $400 might not fit within your budget. Our goal is 100% participation, PLEASE donate what you can.  All donations are welcome, appreciated, and make a difference. If you are in a position to donate more to support other HPE families, thank you!  Your donations are tax-deductible.

Once campus re-opens, we will fundraise again to pay for: safety personnel on campus, sufficient emergency kits, and much-needed personal protective equipment.

Anyone who has made a donation during the Annual Giving Campaign is a Friend of Hancock Park School and will be recognized on our giving tree.

When making your donation, PLEASE include your full name, child’s name, and teacher’s name.  Donations can be made in a lump sum or in monthly installments.

1.      Donate Monthly
2.      Donate Yearly
3.      Pay by check made out to Friends of Hancock Park School and deliver to the FoHPS mailbox at the school’s main office, with the same information on an attached note.

If you have any questions, email

VIDEO: Annual Giving Fund – How Your Donation Helps Hancock Park Elementary School