Hancock Park Elementary School Hancock is a naturally integrated, urban neighborhood elementary school dedicated to nurturing the whole child. Our school is located in the Fairfax District of Los Angeles and surrounded by commercial properties on three sides of our campus; the fourth side of the our campus is near a large apartment complex named Park La Brea.

Our school has a diverse student population in terms of ethnicity, language, socio-economic status, and learning needs. Many of our students come from other countries and are experiencing Los Angeles for the first time.  As a school our mission is to build a strong academic foundation, inspire life-long learning, promote an understanding and appreciation of oneself and others, and provide a safe child-centered environment.

The State is limited in the funds it provides for public education.  Therefore, although LAUSD provides our students with our wonderful grade level teachers, our incredible administration, and basic supplies, we believe our children deserve and need more.

The Friends of Hancock Park School, of which all Hancock Park Elementary School Families are a member, conducts fundraising activities with the hope that we can raise enough money to enrich all our children’s educational and social experience at Hancock Park Elementary School.   Our fundraising activities include: our Annual Giving Campaign, the Carnival, our upcoming walk-a-thon, the selling of School Spirit Wear and yearbooks.  In addition, we seek grants, and corporate donations.    Our fundraising events not only raise money for our educational programs, but they build and foster relationships within our school and the community.

Each school year we hope to raise enough money to fund aide support for each classroom, and specialized instructional staff.   Depending on your child’s grade level, this additional staff would help your child receive differentiated instruction, and specialized instruction in their core subjects, as well as art, dance, music, chorus, theatre, chess, computer/technology, math and/or social science.  Our children also participate in additional physical education with Got Game which they love!   Importantly, each year we raise funds to retain additional security and supervision personnel who monitor student behavior on the yard and improve school safety at our gate.  We are excited that in addition to the numerous walking field trips our children enjoy to local museums and markets, that each of our children experience two field bus field trips.

Each school year, we also strive to provide educational programs that incorporate our school environment.  We plant and maintain our school farm where our children learn about growth cycles, nutrition, and sustainability.  Given that we live in the middle of the City, our children love this unique learning opportunity.

As students, our children will also study plants and insects in our Native Garden from a scientific, environmental and artistic perspective.  This science-based instruction is innovative, and the hands-on experience enhances and expands upon what students learn in class as well as providing an enriching school community experience.

We hope to continue to support our Native Garden and we are working to improve the irrigation of our trees.  It is our hope with the proper watering system in place; our trees will grow and provide much needed natural shade for our kids.  We also seeking corporate donations to build multiple permanent shade structures, improve the drop-off area on Colgate and for technology upgrades.

A few year ago, through funds we raised, we created a friendship area with our rainbow “buddy benches” for our children where they can make new friends if they are feeling lonely or would just like to meet someone new.  We believe that this area will continue to foster the feeling of community, respect and kindness at our school.  If we can raise more funds, we can create more supportive and enriching environments though out our campus.

In sum, each year the Hancock Park Elementary School families  and our community come together to fund the necessary elements to make Hancock Park Elementary School a unique environment, focused on teaching the whole child.  It is not a coincidence that our school, with such an active and generous parent population, is also leading the way in school rankings.